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I am confused about what you want to know.

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You will see a sphere

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Q: If we spin a bangle like top what shape to we see?
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Does lumina need a love bangle on Harvest Moon DS?

yes and no if you want to see friend points and love points then get the love bangle- if you think you can go without it you can try :)

How do you get the love bangle on harvest moon?

In harvest moon ds to get the love bangle just go to the sprite company tree.Go to the casino in the tree then go to roller and ask to exchange medals for items.There you will see the love bangle on sale for 5000 medals = 50000G. (Each medal is worth 10G)

Harvest Moon DS where can you see Celia's affection points?

You can't normally see them. To do that you must equip a special accessory, the Love Bangle. If you have that placed in the Blue Spot in your Rucksack you can see how much Affection she has for you whenever you speak with her. You get the Love Bangle by trading 5,000 medals at the Sprite Casino. 5,000 medals are the same as 50,000 gold

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How do you use the love bangle in Harvest moon ds?

In order to use the Love bangle you must go to the Sprite tree and buy it from the casino for 5000 medals. You can then put it in the third slot down in your rucksack. And then you can see affection levels and freindship levels. :)

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