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no, you just recently went to the website. YOU were not a criminal mind who is trying to hack

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Q: If you go on a hacking website will the government catch you?
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How do you catch jiarchi?

You can only get it using the AR/Gameshark but if you go to youtube there will be a hacking video on how to get jirachi without it.

How do you get a legendry monster by hacking monster mmorpg website?

you wont get it by hacking.use atractive player and go to where legends are found it would increase catch catch monsters use master ball or carefull strike and bring hp to 1 and use any ball

What are cheats to fill the pokedex without seeing all the Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

You should go to a different website for that information becase this website should not have to give out hacking or illegal information. That's not hacking OR illegal information lol

How do you catch Mew in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

The only way to get Mew is to go to the Old Sea Chart event, or by hacking the game.

How do i stop websites from reading my hard drive serial number and hacking into my PC?

Install firewall or dont' go on that website.

Can you go to jail for hacking Movie Star Planet?

You go to jail for hacking period. it's illegal

Were do you catch rihorn in diamond?

Go onto and look on that website it has everything

When do you catch Ho-oh?

To get Ho-Oh in other versions then Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver you'll need to ether use a hacking device to get the Event or go to a Nintendo Event.

What is the best hack for Howrse?

Hacking Howrse is a bad idea. You can go to jail for hacking.

Is there a website that you can go to to catch train and battle other players for Pokemon?

Well... There is

How do you get hacking tools for animal jam?

u go to google and type in hacking program aj

Where do you catch stunky in Pokemon pearl you catch when you enter a safari zone on the left and use the binoculors to help you find it?

Huh, amiture. You can't catch Stunky on pearl, only DIAMOND! Unless you have an action reply but they are highly illegal and you can go to prisn if you are cought hacking into the internet or your nds, ndsl or ndsi.