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You are asking a higher court to review and overrule the finding of a lower court.

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Asking an appellate court to review a case

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it's nothin

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Q: If you make an appeal you are asking?
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How can appeal courts manage caseloads more efficiently?

how can appeal courts handle caseload more efficiently

Does the liberty tree flag say an appeal to heaven or an appeal to god?

The flags, created to fly on the first naval forces under control of General Washington said "Appeal to Heaven." They were essentially saying that in order to beat the overwhelming force of the British empire, the Americans would to ask for divine intervention. That is mostly true, but either statement was seen on flags during the Revolution. However, the statement "Appeal to God" had a more deeper meaning than simply asking for divine intervention. Just as in the current American justice system of appeals, each appeal is to a higher court than the previous one. Injustice by the British could only be "appealed" to God as the court system in place was run by the British (an unjust system). If man's laws cause injustice, then the only "appeal" can be made to a higher power than man. Therefore, an "appeal to God or Heaven" was more of a derivation of their own divine right to independence than praying for intervention. This notion of the colonists divine right to freedom is what gave the saying its strength and conviction.

If the US Supreme Court denies your case is there another court to appeal to?

No. The US Supreme Court is the final court of appeal; if they deny your case, the decision of the lower court stands. There is no other avenue of appeal.

What did william lloyd garrison advocate?

William Lloyd Garrison,1805-1879, was an American anti-slavery leader. He made his appeal to the Northern churches, asking them to bring the power of Christianity to bear against the slave system, and for churches to advocate for slaves' freedom.

Why is a state constitution representative of Federalism?

I don't know that is why i am asking lol :)

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You need an authority as you are attempting toget out of the appeal court yourself?

Your question is a bit unclear. If you are trying to make a motion to appeal, how are you then seeking advice to get out of an appeal? If you like, talk to me on my message board, so I can understand what you are asking.

What is asking an appellate court to review a case?

An Appeal

What is asking a higher court to review a decision called?

The general term is appeal. If the appeal is directed to the US Supreme Court, it is more specifically referred to as a "petition for a writ of certiorari."

How do the members of Dont Be Crude make a persuasive appeal?

The members of Dont Be Crude make a persuasive appeal by asking people not to use oil for just one day. It made people focus on a healthy planet and renewable energy. With the recent oil disasters it made sense to get people to think about the oil that they use.

Who did Penn make the strongest appeal to to move to Pennsylvania?

Who did Penn make the strongest appeal to to move to Pennsylvania

Direct appeal and indirect appeal?

Direct appeal involves directly asking or persuading someone to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or donating money. Indirect appeal involves subtly influencing someone's emotions, values, or beliefs in order to encourage them to take the desired action without explicitly asking for it.

Can I apply for a post sentence appeal after time in prison?

Unclear exactly what the questioner is asking - however - at any time after sentencing he can file an appeal of his case to his state's Court of Appeals.

A young woman with sex appeal?

If you don't have a properly-structured question, then I don't know what you're asking.

What 4 thing make up food appeal?

The 4 things that make up food appeal are: Sour, Sweet, Salty and Bitter

What are the different types of court appeals one can make?

You can make two different types of appeals, a collateral appeal and a direct appeal. A direct appeal is when a defendant petitions to the supreme court, and a collateral appeal is one made after conviction - usually based on new evidence.

What is the firing order for 1990 4.0 L V6?

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