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Under most circumstances, an anonymous letter would remain anonymous. Law enforcement agencies follow the rules and regulations of their particular jurisdiction and may have internal policies of their own. However, anonymous information is generally not allowed to be used as evidence.

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Q: If you send an anonymous letter to the police can they tell the plantiff?
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How do you send a letter with an anonymous postmark?

Its easy. go to Its simple, fast and affordable.. I have used it many times. Its the only way that I have found to send an anonymous postmark....

How do you send a text anonymous?


Is it against the law to accuse someone of a crime per anonymous email?

If the person is guilty of the crime, then it isn't illegal to send an anonymous tip to the police. There may even be a reward for doing so. If the person is not guilty of the crime, and you know he isn't, then yes, it is illegal to slander that person by making a false accusation. This doesn't matter how the accusation is made; by phone, letter, email or in person.

How can you send randy travis a letter or card?

Mail it to the Dallas, Texas, police department. They know where he lives.

How do you write a letter to the police inspector when your husband and your in laws forcing to get additional dowry?

Get a piece of paper and write down what is occurring and send it to the police in an envelope with a stamp on it, if you can get one. If you don't have the ability to send letters where you live, then walk or drive to the police station and report the crime in person.

How do you send an anonymous text message?

Add *67 before the number you are sending it to and they will not be able to tell it was you from their phone. there is a service called Send A Wake Up Call which allows you to send anonymous messages to anyone about anything, I'll add the link

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You seriously need to get a life of your own and stop keeping tabs on your ex.

Report a crime?

This is pretty much a no brainer- call your local police department. If it is a life threatening emergency, dial 911. But if you want to report criminal activity and you don't want to file an official police report or "go on the record"- you could always send and anonymous email or letter. There is a website that lets you do exactly that. It's called . Check it out, very easy to use, and you don't even have to send an email- the site does it for you. Just make sure you have an email address to the authorities you are trying to reach. Good luck.

I just got a letter saying I have a warrant for a bad check from 8 years ago. Is that legal?

Who sent the letter and if it wasn't the police then disregaurd it sounds like someone is trying to scare you into paying it Police don't generally send out "letters"

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Its an anonymous halloween card that comes with a candy that you can send to your friends

How do you send an anonymous mail?

ummm I don't think you can.. at least not in an E-mail

How do you send a gift anonymously to your crush?

Either put a letter in a place they are certain to find without writing your name or you could get some one else to give a letter to them but if you want to be anonymous then make sure you don't say your name