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Correct! Immigration law is basically a matter of national jurisdiction, means it is governed by the federal government of a country. But there may be variations in immigration policies and procedures among different countries, within a single country, immigration laws are generally uniform across all states or regions. You can say certain states or provinces may have specific regulations or programs. An immigration attorney or consultant like DYgreencard, will guide you the better way.

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Immigrations laws are generally Federal Laws, meaning they apply to all states. Federal laws apply to the entire country. Each country can have their own immigration laws. But in the US, immigration laws are federal, so the states cannot create their own laws with regard to immigration.

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Q: Immigration law differs from country to country but not state to state?
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What is law to sell or give away a gun?

It differs from state to state.

In 1882 Congress passed a law which in effect stopped immigration from?

In 1882, Congress passed a law which stopped immigration from the country of China. This was called the Immigration Act of 1882.

Why is this Arizona immigration a good law?

The Arizona immigration law is basically a state level reflection of Federal law. Arizona passed the law at a state level so they would have authority to enforce the law, since the federal government refuses to enforce it.

What are the immigrations laws?

Immigration law actually governs the entry of one citizen from one country to another country. There can be problems while you apply for moving to a country permanently, sometimes your application may be rejected. In such cases, an immigration law can help you. It is necessary that you should obey the rules of immigration. The government can take a stict action if you violate any of the immigration rules and you can be punished. The process is liitle bit complex but immigration law firms can handle this without much strain. The 'Y Family Law' at Vancouver is one of the effective driven immigration law firms which I know.

What is immigration law about?

Immigration law is essentially those aspects of federal law that govern the entry into one country of citizens from another country. Every country has laws that govern who may enter the country fom another one, what is required to be able to stay for extended periods of time and what is required to become a citizen and stay permanently. Immigration laws are usually fairly complex and many times it is unclear whether any particular immigration law has been violated or not. A government might take the position in a particular case that a person has violated immigration laws and should be deported. That person usually hires a lawyer experienced in immigration law to argue that such immigration laws have not been violated and the person not be deported.

According to the lesson what state passed the first immigration law in 1862?


What is the immigration law in Oklahoma?

States do not control immigration. That is the responsibility of the federal government. You immigrate to the United States, not to any specific state.

Describe the State Colonizationn Law of 1825?

This law states that it was furthered opened Texas to settlement and immigration. Tracey Nichole Gordon

Where can immigration law software be bought?

Software for law imigration can be downloaded on websites specialized for law. Every country has itÌÄåâÌâå«s own laws so the best way to find the software is to search in forums or ask at the embassy or immigration authority.

Do you have to be licensed in each state you practice law in?

Yes, you have to be licensed in every state that you practice in. If doing federal law (i.e. immigration court) you can practice in any state as long as you are licensed in at least 1 state.

What are the credentials to becoming an immigration lawyer?

To become an immigration lawyer, it is necessary to complete law school. Choose a law school that has strong immigration courses and stays current on immigration issues. Interning at a law firm that specializes in immigration law will also be very helpful.

Which is not an example of written law?

One example of a Statutory law is abolishing or creating government programs.