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Benedict Arnold did have a few achievements, but more disappointments.

In 1774, Arnold, became a captain in the Connecticut militia. Soon after the Revolutionary War began in 1775, he was commissioned as a colonel in the patriot army. Arnold and Ethan Allen led the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, in New York, on May 10, 1775.

Arnold's leg was severely wounded in a battle to attack Quebec. His courage won him a promotion to brigadier general. In October 1776, he distinguished himself during the Battle of Valcour Island, a naval battle on Lake Champlain.

Arnold was passed over for a promotion in February 1777, when Congress appointed five new major generals. Arnold, who had more seniority than any of the men promoted, was talked out of leaving the army by General George Washington. In May of 1777, Congress promoted Arnold to major general as a reward for his bravery in helping drive a British raiding party out of Connecticut.

In 1788, after being cleared with the charge of using military personnel to do personal favors. A court-martial cleared Atnold, but it ordered General Washington to reprimand him.

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Q: Important achievements of Benedict Arnold
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his most notable achievement was being a traitor

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Benedict Arnold was a respected officer in the Continental Army, considered a hero for his military achievements, before he defected to the British. There is a link below to an article on his military career.

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Bendict Arnold is the famous traitor who secretly changed sides.

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Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold's father was also named Benedict Arnold. They were both named after his great-grandfather, who was the president of Rhode Island.

Who is related to Benedict Arnold?

Hannah King and Benedict Arnold Sr. are Benedict Arnold's parents. Benedict Arnold is most known for being a traitor in the American Revolutionary war.

When was Benedict Arnold's treason?

Benedict Arnold's treason was in 1780.

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What was a traitor in the American Revolution?

A traitor during the revolution was a person who abandon the side they were on and joined the other. For example Benedict Arnold was a traitor.

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Benedict Arnold was 5'7" full grown

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He met George Washington in 1775