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It is the mountain ,rivers ,and lakes.

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Q: Important physical features of Texas
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How maney Physical features of Texas are there?


What physical features are important of the Yemeni war?

The Physical Features important toYemenare their rivers, mountains and desert.

What major physical features are in the state of Texas?

The Alamo is one

What are some physical features of Texas?

There are many different physical features of Texas. Some of these include coastline, mountains, open plains, as well as valleys.

Why are physical features are important?

because there pretty!

Important physical features in Colorado?


What are some important physical features in Michigan?

An important physical feature are the great lakes of Michigan.

What are important physical features of Wyoming?

Important physical features of Wyoming include: mountains plains plateaus rivers valleys the Continental Divide lakes

What are five physical features of Texas?

mountains hills valleys ditiches and lakes

Why are Oman's physical features important?

because there pretty!

What is Maine's important physical features?

there are lots of rivers

What are three important physical features in Minnesota?