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Poor whites in the American colonies.

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Q: In 1750 indentured servitude was most common in?
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Where was indentured servitude most common in 1700 to 1775?

All over British America. Being and indentured servant was a way to get passage to the New World.

Is indentured servitude illegal?

In most countries, indentured servitude is illegal because it can involve forced labor and exploitation. It is important to check the specific laws and regulations in your region to understand the legality of such arrangements.

When did indentured servitude end?

Indentured servitude began to decline in the late 17th and early 18th centuries with the rise of other labor systems, such as slavery and wage labor. By the mid-19th century, it had largely disappeared in most places, replaced by other forms of labor arrangements.

What was an indentured survent?

Indentured servitude was a type of forced labor in early America. It was most prevalent in Jamestown and other early colonies. Basically, how it works is: Steve wants to go to America from the old world, but is too poor to pay for boat passage. Henry is rich and going to America, and tells Steve, "Hey, if you work for me for a few years (commonly about 4, later around 7 years) I'll pay for your passage to America." However, indentured servants would SELDOM, if ever, live out their contracts. For this reason, many people say the system of indentured servitude was the same as the institution of non-racial slavery, because the indentured servants worked for no pay for the rest of their lives. The system of indentured servitude started to collapse when servants started to outlive their contracts. It was replaced before long by a racial system of slavery brought to the present-day lower 48 states from the Caribbean.

Which Nationality was most common in the US Colonies?

The nationality most common to the US Colonies were of English descent. The arriving colonists were mostly indentured servants from England.

How did indentured servitude and slavery arise in North America?

Indentured servitude and slavery arose in North America by the colonies/ colonists needed another source of labor since most Native Americans became sick and as a result died because they weren't immune to the diseases that the Europeans brought with them to America. The colonists, especially Spanish priest Bartolome de Las Casas came up with an idea of enslaving/ capturing Africans to America to do the work because they had an immunity to the British diseases. Over colonial time, the demands for slaves increased. Since their was very high death rates, which led to labor shortages, the colonists began using indentured servants [were servants that signed a contract to work for four to seven years for those who paid for their journey to America]. That is how indentured servitude and slavery arose in North America.

How did the Industrial Revolution affect immigration into the US?

Indentured servitude only lasted in the Colonial US until the early 1700s. If and indentured servant survived (most indentured servants were worked to death by their "owner") his term then his former "owner" must give him some land to settle on. These lands were located in the Colonial US, and the indentured servants were usually given poor farming land located further from the US East Seaboard.

What is a debtor slave?

Context leads me to believe that a debtor slave is someone who is forced into slavery until he or she can pay off all of his or her debts. I am not familiar with the term, "debtor slave," but I suspect it is similar to if not actually is an indentured servant. Indentured servitude is a condition that existed that allowed those in debt to work as a personal servant or sort of employee to another person who sponsored them by paying off all or part of that person's debt. Indentured servitude has been illegal in most of the United States since the mid 1800's, with the exception of Louisiana, where it was still legal into the 1980's. This may or may not have changed by now.

How are indentured servitude and slavery similar?

they were both owned by someone and could not vote during their time and period. most were beaten, depends on the master or who they worked for. given hard labor jobs to do. learned some skill on farms or whatever their master wanted them to do.

Where was most of the English population living in 1750 in 1850?

Villages in 1750, towns in 1850.

Where was the most of English population living in 1750 and 1850?

Villages in 1750, towns in 1850.

Where was most of the English population living in the 1750 in 1850?

Villages in 1750, towns in 1850.