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Q: In 1862 legislation was pushed through Congress that authorized?
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In what ways do you think the tariff crisis of 1828 and 1832 might be considered important milestiones on American histoery before the civil war?

Think about Calhoun's nullififcation crisis, the Hayne- Webster debate, and why Jackson pushed Congress to pass the force bill.

What happens if you kidnap the president?

Kidnapping is a serious offence that can punishable with up to a life sentence. With the new laws being pushed by congress you can get arrested and/or detained for an indefinite period of time just for making the treat or even asking this question. That is with out a trail or an attorney.

How did the Constitutional Convention deal with slave trade?

The Constitutional Convention left the slave trade untaxed and untouched. Delegates from the southern States were naturally wary about the prospect of Congress being able to regulate America's interstate and foreign trade. They were afraid that the North would use its influence in Congress to levy taxes on the slave trade and the cotton trade. The delegates from the South pushed for, and won, a compromise on the matter: the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise. This agreement made it so Congress could regulate interstate and foreign trade, but could not tax exports. This meant that cotton exports from the South would not be affected. In addition, Congress was forbidden from regulating the slave trade for 20 years.

Why might Roosevelt push for reforms have angered some political leaders?

Roosevelt preferred regulation of giant corporations and pushed for anti trust laws. He also endorsed programs for graduated income and inheritance taxes. These were seen as radical for the time. These moves would have gone against special interests and the people they supported in elections. He also pushed for Congress to create a new Department of Commerce and Labor and an important arm was the Bureau of Corporations which was authorized to probe businesses engaged in interstate commerce conservative Republican bosses regarded TR as an unmanageable maverick and a "cowboy." The Democratic platform of 1904 reflected the unhappiness of what they felt were usurpation of legislative and judicial functions. In 1907 there was financial panic known as the "rich man's panic" and was the result of economic trends and billions of dollars in corporation stock that glutted the market. As the turn of the century approached critics of political, economic, and social problems stated that the government had become too complex for the machinery of government ( sound like today?) Angry reformers charged that the government was for, by, and of the crooked corporations. One of the problems with TR is that he was willing to compromise and settle for a half of loaf and often failed to drive reform through its logical conclusion, but he also had a hostile Congress to deal with in his time in office ( sounds like today).

The effects of the Oklahoma Land Rush?

It pushed the Indians into even smaller reservations and pushed white people and culture into previously Indian territories.

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What characterized Franklin Delano Roosevelts first 100 days in office?

He pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy.

What were three measures that Congress pushed through legislation while the confederate states were in secession?

The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution were pushed through before the former Confederate states could object to them. These amendments ended slavery, expanded the power of the Federal Government, and gave voting rights to former slaves.

Called the little giant he pushed the kanas-nebraska act through congress?

Stephen Douglas

Called the little giant he pushed the kansas-nebraska act through congress?

Stephen Douglas

What pushed Congress to create the Military Reconstruction Act?

Congress feared that the fourteenth amendment would not pass.

Why was Franklin d rooselvelt thought to be model of what a president should be?

Surely not everybody thought of FDR as a model president, but his admirers liked the way he seemed to care for the problems of the common people and the way he pushed social legislation through Congress. After the War began, people liked the way he energized the war effort and gave them confidence that the war would be won.

Is Barack Obama an efficient or effective leader?

Leadership is not his strong point. He has pushed very little legislation through Congress. His most noted legislative effort, the so-called Obamacare, is seriously flawed. He rules by executive orders and makes treaties on his own because he has so little clout with the Senate. However, some think he is a great leader and a great president.

Why was Kennedy unable to pass many of his domestic programs?

While President Kennedy's democratic party held a slim majority in Congress, many of those democrats were southern democrats, who opposed any civil rights legislation. As a result, the conservative Dixiecrats were wary of the young, wealthy liberal president and turned out to be his strongest opponents. .

Who helped push the Indian Removal Act through Congress?

Stephen A. Douglas, although President Andrew Jackson spoke against it. Eventually, the Trail of Tears was pushed through and Indians were forced to march west towards Oklahoma.

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