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President Truman responded to the blockade by sending planeloads of much-needed supplies to West Berlin. For more information on the Berlin Airlift consult the online Truman Library and Museum by following the link below.

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To keep the people of West Berlin from starving after the Soviet Union cut off access by highways and roads, President Truman turned to the US Air Force to solve the problem. What became known as the Berlin Airlift, broke the Soviet blockade of Berlin as millions of tons of food and clothing were flown into the city.

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Gave the necessary supplies to Berlin via air raids done for almost 2-2.5 months.

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Organized giganic airlift of supplies to Berlin.

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Q: In 1948 when the Soviets closed all railways and roads leading to Berlin what method did President Truman use to deliver needed aid to Berlin?
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