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Q: In England group of ten householders responsible for each other?
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What is the name for 10 householders in England responsible for each other?

This clue is a bit antiquated.... but the answer is Tithing

Who is responsible for your card debt in England upon your death?

Your estate is responsible. Other card holders on the account have a responsibility as well.

What happens in the Bank of England?

The Bank of England is Britains Central Bank, and amongst other things, is responsible for producing and distributing all of Britains banknotes. See the related link to the Bank of England.

Why did William Bradford's group flee from England to the Netherlands?

because they did not like each other at all

What is the group Action Direct responsible for?

The United Kingdom Action Direct group is responsible for assisting people in getting money owed to them by banks and other financial institutions in matters connected to Payment Protection Insurance. It's success rate is high.

Where are the headquarters for the Helphire Group located?

The headquarters of the Helphire Group are based in Bath in the South West of England. They have 25 branches across the country at a range of other locations.

Which minority group is most responsible for pioneering the civil rights tactics other groups have adopted since the 1960s?

native Americans

What were the characteristics of new England town and villages?

New England's towns and villages were very close together at first. The houses were built so that the people could protect each other. There was usually a group of houses and then a group of shops like a bakery, blacksmith, and general store.

What other name were the Pilgrims originally given because of their actions against the Church of England?

The Pilgrims were partially made up of a group known as Separatists. This group was a collective of Brownist English Dissenters.

Where is the British Mint?

The Royal Mint is now located in Llantrisant, Wales, and is responsible for producing all of England's circulating coins plus the coinage of many other countries.

What group first made the Roman aqueducts?

No group built the Roman aqueducts. During the Roman Republic the construction of the aqueducts was commissioned by the censors, who were public official who were responsible, among other things, for public works. The job was then tendered to constructors. During the period of rule by emperors which followed the republic, the emperors were responsible for the construction of aqueducts

Did the puritans want to purify the Church of England?

The puritans were a group of English Protestants that were dissatisfied with the Church of England. These people were named "Puritans" because of their goal, to "purify" the Church of England and to make it less like the Roman Church. They felt the morals were incorrect and all other traditions.