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January 8, 1918 was the date of Wilson's famous Fourteen Points Speech which outlined his plan for world peace.

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Q: In January 1918 President Wilson gave a speech to Congress in which he described?
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Congress denied President Wilson the right to do what with merchant ships?

Congress denied President Wilson the right to do what with merchant ships?

What was the name of President Wilsons speech to the congress?

President Woodrow Wilson's speech to congress was called "Fouteen Points".

What president urged Congress to pass the Women's Suffrage Amendment?

The proposed amendment was passed by Congress while Woodrow Wilson was President. I don't think Wilson pushed for it much.

When did Woodrow Wilson introduce his fourteen points?

January 8, 1918 was the date of the "14 points speech " that Wilson made to Congress.

Who did president Wilson need to get approval from to enter ww1?

Congress. The constitution states Congress must approve it.

Who was president of the US in January 1914?

Woodrow Wilson was president in January of 1914, having been elected in 1912.

How do write a paragraph explaining why President Wilson asked Congress to arm American merchant ships?

Although the United States had not yet entered World War I, its merchant ships were still being attacked by German forces. As a means of protecting American ships and their crew, Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to give the ships the ability to defend themselves.

Who started the League of Nations?

Woodrow Wilson

Besides being a politicianwoodrow Wilson would best also be described as a?

a college president

What was Ronald Wilson Reagan term of Office as US President?

Reagan's term as President was January 20, 1981 to January 20, 1989.

Why was president Wilson able to get his progressive policies implemented?

He relied on the party loyalty of the Democrats in Congress

President that declared war on Germany?

The US Constitution provides that the congress shall declare war. The congress declared war on Germany when Woodrow Wilson was president in 1917 and when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president in 1941.