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Thomas Hobbes believed men were all equal with the same basic motivations. He believed the natural state of nature was called â??warreâ?? and without proper control by a qualified government, men would resort to whatever means necessary to thrive and best other men. He believed life itself was short, brutal and nasty..

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Q: In Leviathan Thomas Hobbes argued that life in the state of nature is?
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How hobbes describe state of nature?

A 17th century philosopher and educator, Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) has long been famous for his pithy yet unflattering description of the natural state (or, "state of nature") of human beings as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." He argued further that human life outside of civilization is an ongoing war of all against all.

According to Thomas Hobbes in the state of nature every person had complete?

According to Thomas Hobbes, in the state of nature every person had complete liberty. He proposed that the pure state of nature is the natural condition of mankind.

In what ways does the international system resemble Thomas Hobbes's view of the state of nature?

strong nations....

Compare and contrast state of nature according Hobbes and rousseu?

According to Thomas Hobbes, the state of nature or life would be worthless if not protected by the state, while according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the state of nature involves men driving towards self-preservation.

Thomas hobbes believed that the state could not function with out this?

The will of the people. The state has to have the consent from the people whom they rule.Thomas Hobbes proposed a theory of social contract. Hobbes contended that for society to remain in order during peacetime it was essential to adopt a social contract between the people and their Sovereign Authority. This theory he outlined in his work entitled 'The Leviathan'.Society would cede their natural rights and in return would receive the protection of the state. Hobbes argued that without such a social contract anarchy would ensue where every man had only their own self interest. Hobbes referred to this as the 'state of nature' and contended that life would be 'solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short'.The sovereign authority would control civil, military, judicial and powers of the church,. However this control was granted by the people to whom it would offer protection.

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What philosopher argued for a monarchy?

Thomas Hobbes argued for a monarchy in his work "Leviathan", advocating for a strong central authority to maintain order and prevent the state of nature which he believed was characterized by chaos and violence.

What did leviathan by thomas hobbes stated?

"Leviathan" by Thomas Hobbes argued that a strong central authority, like a sovereign or government, is necessary to prevent the chaos and violence that would result from a state of nature where individuals act based on self-interest. Hobbes believed that this authority should have absolute power to maintain order and protect the well-being of society.

Who was Thomas hobbes and what he did?

Thomas Hobbes was a 17th-century English philosopher known for his work in political philosophy. His most famous book, "Leviathan," argued for the necessity of a strong central authority to maintain social order and prevent the chaos of a "state of nature." Hobbes believed that humans are inherently self-interested and that a social contract was needed to create a stable society.

How does the word leviathan describe Thomas Hobbes?

The word "leviathan" is used by Thomas Hobbes to describe the powerful and all-encompassing sovereign state that he believed was necessary to maintain peace and order in society. In his book "Leviathan," Hobbes argues that individuals should submit to this powerful authority in order to avoid the chaos of the state of nature.

Is the ring of gyges an excerpt from thomas hobbes's leviathan?

No, the Ring of Gyges is not an excerpt from Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan. The Ring of Gyges is a story from Plato's Republic, where a shepherd finds a ring that grants invisibility and explores the ethical implications. Hobbes's Leviathan is a work of political philosophy that discusses the social contract and the nature of government.

Why was Thomas Hobbes wanted for?

Thomas Hobbes was not wanted for any specific crime. He was a philosopher known for his political theories, including his famous work "Leviathan," which explored the nature of government and society.

Who was the English thinker believed that people were naturally cruel greedy and selfish?

Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher, believed that human nature is inherently driven by self-interest and a desire for power. He famously argued in his book "Leviathan" that in the absence of a strong central authority, people living in a state of nature would be in a constant state of conflict and war.

Who argued that the state of nature was a vile place and that life was nasty brutish and short?

Thomas Hobbes argued that the state of nature was a vile place where life was nasty, brutish, and short in his work "Leviathan." He believed that without a strong central authority to maintain order, humans would be in a constant state of conflict and warfare.

Who believed that humans were evil by nature?

One philosopher who believed that humans were evil by nature was Thomas Hobbes. In his work "Leviathan," Hobbes argued that humans are naturally self-interested and competitive, which leads to a state of constant conflict and strife. He believed that a strong central authority was necessary to prevent chaos and maintain order in society.

What was thomas hobbes most famous work?

Thomas Hobbes's most famous work is titled "Leviathan." Published in 1651, this influential philosophical text discusses the social contract theory and the nature of government, arguing for a powerful sovereign to maintain order and prevent chaos in society.

What were Thomas Hobbes strengths?

Thomas Hobbes had strengths in his ability to analyze and critique political systems, his understanding of human nature and motivations, and his influence in shaping modern political philosophy through works like "Leviathan."

Who was Thomas hobbes and what did he do?

Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher who is best known for his work on political theory, particularly his book "Leviathan" which laid out his social contract theory and the idea of a commonwealth ruled by a sovereign. He believed that humans are inherently self-interested and that a strong central authority is necessary to prevent the chaos of a state of nature.