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he was hung on a helicopter by sosa;s men

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Q: In Scarface how Was Omar Suarez killed?
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How tall is Justin Omar Suarez?

Justin Omar Suarez is 6' 1".

When was Justin Omar Suarez born?

Justin Omar Suarez was born on October 23, 1984, in Newark, New Jersey, USA.

In Scarface what did Omar use to snort cocaine with?

A device

Who killed scarface?


How killed scare face?

Scarface is a crime movie that was released in 1983. Scarface was killed by Sosa's hitman. He was shot in the back. He was killed because he betrayed Sosa.

What is the duration of Omar Killed Me?

The duration of Omar Killed Me is 1.42 hours.

When was Omar Killed Me created?

Omar Killed Me was created on 2011-06-22.

What music song playing in the car when tony Montana meet Omar in scarface movie?

Any know the answer to this

How did scarface end?

Tony killed his bestfriend, his sister was murdered and then he was murdered

What has the author Luis A Suarez written?

Luis A. Suarez is an Uruguayan professional footballer who has not published any books as an author.

What the U.S did to stop Omar al-bashir?

they killed him

Was Omar Suarez a police informant?

It's a good question. The movie ends with the question pretty much unresolved. What evidence is there that Omar is in fact, as Lopez put it, "a stooly"? We have only the word of Sosa's associate Alberto as evidence that Omar's is a police informant. It was on Alberto's word alone that Sosa gave the order to have Omar killed. Does the movie offer any clues as to who Omar really is? Not very many. Omar is, apparently, the number two man in Lopez's criminal organization. This would be pretty hard, although not impossible, for a police informant to achieve. The first job that Omar assigned to Tony, the drug deal gone bad at the Sun Ray Motel, may have been a trap set up by Omar. If it was a trap then clearly Omar did not expect Tony to survive the encounter, and this would be further evidence that Omar was not a police informant, but was instead a criminal out to eliminate his new rival. It is clear that Lopez did not think that Omar was a police informant. Quote: "You want me to believe that Omar was a stooly because Sosa said so? You bought that line?". This would lead one further to believe that Omar was a "legit" criminal. In my opinion, with the exception of the claim from Alberto that Omar was a police informant, all other evidence in the movie, albeit circumstantial, would suggest that Omar Suarez was a legit member of Lopez's criminal organization just as he appeared to be.