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South Carolina on December 20 1861, Mississippi January 9 1861, Florida January 10 1861, Alabama January 11 1861, Georgia January 19 1861, Louisiana January 26 1861, Texas February 1 1861, Virginia April 17 1861*. Arkansas May 6 1861*, North Carolina May 20 1861*, and Tennessee June 8 1861*. Viginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee seceded after the South atacked Fort Sumter on April 12 1861 there were five bordering slave states that did not secede from the Union. These States were Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. In essence the American Civil War was more based on economics than slavery, however the freedom of the Slaves was paved with a high price.

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* South Carolina on 20 December 1860. * Mississippi on 9 January 1861. * Florida on 10 January 1861. * Alabama on 11 January 1861. * Georgia on 19 January 1861. * Louisiana on 26 January 1861. * Texas on 1 February 1861. * Virginia on 17 April 1861. * Arkansas on 6 May 1861. * North Carolina on 20 May 1861. * Tennessee on 8 June 1861. * Missouri on 31 October 1861. * Kentucky on 20 November 1861.

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This was completely wrong as submitted. Correct order follows:

1. Delaware

2. Pennsylvania

3. New Jersey

4. Georgia

5. Connecticut

6. Massachusetts

7. Maryland

8. South Carolina

9. New Hampshire

10. Virginia

11. New York

12. North Carolina

13. Rhode Island

14. Vermont

15. Kentucky

16. Tennessee

17. Ohio

18. Louisiana

19. Indiana

20. Mississippi

21. Illinois

22. Alabama

23. Maine

24. Missouri

25. Arkansas

26. Michigan

27. Florida

28. Texas

29. Iowa

30. Wisconsin

31. California

32. Minnesota

33. Oregon

34. Kansas

35. West Virginia

36. Nevada

37. Nebraska

38. Colorado

39. North Dakota (same day as SD)

40. South Dakota (same day as ND)

41. Montana

42. Washington

43. Idaho

44. Wyoming

45. Utah

46. Oklahoma

47. New Mexico

48. Arizona

49. Alaska

50. Hawaii

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The order of secession for the initial staes was: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana (these first 6 states met to form the Confederate States of America in February of 1861 along with Texas which had, by then, voted to secede but had not been at the meeting). After the first 6 states the order was: Texas, Arkansas. North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee. Note that the legislatures in Virginia and Tennessee had voted to secede prior to the secession of Arkansas, but they each put it to a popular referendum which made the secession official only after the people of the states had voted on it, which didn't occur until after the secession of North Carolina.

December 17, 1860

South Carolina Secessionist Convention is called to order. The convention decides unanimously to secede from the United States and appoints a committee to draw up the needed documents.South Carolina

December 20, 1860

South Carolina's convention officially approves the Ordinance of Secession

South Carolina

January 9, 1861

Mississippi secedes from the Union


January 10, 1861

Florida secedes from the Union. They simply replace the term "United States" with "Confederate States" in their constitution


January 11, 1861

Alabama secedes from the Union



16 - 19, 1861

Following two days of debate and a day of hammering out the wording of the secession document, Georgia votes to leave the Union on January 19.


January 26, 1861

By a vote of 112 to 17, the Louisiana Secessionist Convention votes to secede from the Union


February 1, 1861

Texas secessionist convention votes 166 to 7 to secede, calling for a ratification election by the people


March 21, 1861

Missouri secessionist convention adjourns having voted 98-1 against secession

Missouri (voted on it but did not secede)

April 17, 1861

Virgina Secession Convention approves the wording of a referendum of secession and calls for a popular vote to approve it.


May 6, 1861

Arkansas secedes from the Union


May 6, 1861

Tennessee votes to put the question of secession before the people in a popular referendum


May 20, 1861

Kentucky declares its neutrality in the War Between The StatesKentucky (considered secession, but never voted on it)

May 20, 1861

Delegates to the North Carolina Secession Convention vote to withdraw from the Union

North Carolina

May 21, 1861

Missouri declares its neutrality in the Civil War


May 23, 1861

Virginia ratifies the Secessionist Convention referendum by a vote of 132,201 to 37,451


June 8, 1861

By a vote of 108,339 to 47,233, Tennessee decides to secede from the United StatesTennessee

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Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia

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south carolina alabama mississippi florida georgia louisiana texas

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The Southernmost ones first.

Virginia and North Carolina were among the last.

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The first five states to secede from the Union were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

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Q: In What order did the 11 states secede from the Union?
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Southern states secede from Union?

The first was South Carolina, then Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas (all deep south states). There was also Kentucky, Tenessee, and two more I'm not sure of. There were 11 total.

Why do you still refer to the Articles of Confederation if they have been abolished?

The United States of America were not united immediately after the Revolutionary war. The truth is the country was governed for about 12 years after the end of the war under a document called the Articles of Confederation. Its main point was that there was a weak central government and the states were gathered together as a Confederation which gave each state a major role in their own governance than the central government had. Although it did not work, and eventually the states ratified the Constitution of the United States in 1789, which made the central government strong, and the powers of the states were those not claimed by the central government in the Constitution. Some 70 years later when the 11 southern states tried to secede from the Union, it caused the American Civil War. These southern states again joined together in a Confederation trying to war against the Union. They claimed states rights which was the reason for forming the Confederate States of America, but after the end of the war they were brought back into the Union and were forced to relinquish states rights.

What were the 11 Confederate slave states the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the Southern States of the Confederacy, consisted of 11 slave states. Union States of Maryland, Missouri, Delaware and the city of Washington DC also had slaves until the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery in the United States. The 11 Southern States were:1. Texas 2. Louisiana 3. Mississippi 4. Alabama 5. Florida 6. Georgia 7. Tennessee8. South Carolina 9. North Carolina 10. Virginia 11. Arkansas

What did the states that seceded call themselves?

When the South separated or seceded from the Union, they attempted to make their own country and they named it "The Confederate states of America."-later in the Civil War to be known as the confederates. The president at the time, Abe Lincon, did not want to accept that the Union was dividing so he called this separation from the Union illegal rebellion against the government. As Lincon sided with the Union-later known to be federals- this separation is what formed the two sides of the American Civil War.

What southern and northern states fought in the civil war?

The Confederacy was composed of the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The Union states were Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indian, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, California, Nevada and Oregon.

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Why did 11 states secede from the union?

Those states seceded from the union in attempt to maintain the right to own slaves.

Who had more states union or confederacy by how much?

At the beginning of the Civil War, the Union had 19 states, not including the four border states that did not secede. The Confederacy had only 11.

Did the confederates seceed from the us?

Yes. In all 11 Southern states officially seceded. Two others Kentucky and Missouri, were sypathetic toward the southern cause but did not ultimately secede from the Union. Even though these two states did not secede, they are both recognized on the Confederate battle flag.

Which seven southern states left the union formed the confederate state of America?

November 6, 1860 Lincoln Elected Original 7 State to secede from the union December 20, 1860 South Caraliona votes to secede January 9, 1861 Mississippi votes to secede January 10, 1861 Florida votes to secede January 11, 1861 Alabama votes to secede January 19, 1861 Georgia votes to secede January 26, 1861 Louisiana votes to secede February 1, 1861 Texas votes to secede

From the 11 states that seceded what number was Texas?

Texas was the seventh state to secede.

What did several Southern states threaten to do if Lincoln was elected president?

Many southern states such as South Carolina had threatened to, and did, secede from the Union even before Lincoln's presidency. With the northerner Lincoln as president and the north-dominated Congress, other states followed suit.

When did Alabama secede from the Union?

Alabama seceded from the Union on January 11, 1861, but when Alabama seceded from the Union, the northeastern county of Winston seceded from Alabama. Alabama was expected to secede. It had a large slave population and their leaders saw secession as their best way to keep the status quo.

Was the Civil War neccesary?

No the Civil War was not necessary but they started it when Abe Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery but the 11 states wanted to secede or leave the Union (Northerners) so they could have their own laws and to have slavery and to have Slaves to work on the masters plantations but Abe didn't allow it so the 11 states seceded and then they only had 23 states and the Southerner's only had 11 states left

Which 7 states did not secede from the union?

ALL of the southern states seceded from the union. It is unclear which 7 states you refer to.South Carolina on 20 December 1860 Mississippi on 9 January 1861. Florida on 10 January 1861. Alabama on 11 January 1861. Georgia on 19 January 1861. Louisiana on 26 January 1861. Texas Tennessee

Why did 11 states seceded in the civil war?

The 11 states to secede were: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

How many states in the union in 1887?

11 states were in the Union in 1887. Please correct me if I am wrong

How many states were in the union when the second amendment was passed?

there was 14 states in the union and 11 out of the 14 had to pass it.