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national and state

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Q: In a federal government the power is held by which governments?
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Which part of a government holds power in a confederacy?

The part of a government that holds power in a confederacy is the state government. The federal government has limited power in this government.

The power to conduct elections is held by a. the federal government. b. both the federal and the state government. c. the state governments. d. only local municipalities?

The power to conduct elections is by the state governments. There aren't any federal elections, the Presidential election are multiple statewide elections held on the same day.

What is confederation and its distribution of power?

It is a form of government where most power is held in the hands of the local governments.

In a federal government the power is held by which government?

national and state

Is the power to establish post offices held by the federal governmentthe state government or both?


What right was granted to the federal government by the force bill?

The federal government was granted the right to enforce federal laws, including the collection of protective tariffs. This was a power the federal government had not held before.

What is the compact form of government?

The term "compact form of government" typically refers to a system where power is shared between multiple parties or levels of government through a formal agreement or compact. This can include federal systems with a division of power between a central government and regional governments, or confederal systems where power is mainly held by regional governments with a weak central authority. The compact form of government aims to ensure a balance of power and representation among different entities.

What is an explanation of the types of referendum?

The Government is not bound by the 'result' of these forms of referendum. Federal, State and Territory governments have held these types of referendums.

How does this compound government double security to the people?

Central and State governments will check each others' power. ... Federalism makes sure that power is not held only by the government but by the government and the people

The concurrent powers in the federal system of government are those?

Concurrent powers are those that are exercised simultaneously by the national and state governments. Some examples of concurrent powers are:taxationbuilding roadsestablishing bankruptcy lawscreating lower courts

What is one key difference between unitary and federal governments?

unitary is where all powers are held by a single central agency. Federal has the powers of the government divided by a written constitution between central government and regional.

How does unitary government differ from a federal government?

In a unitary government the power is held by one central authority but in a federal government, the power is divided between national (federal) government and local (state) governments. Federal government v has multiple hierarchy levels, with both the central authority and the states (or provinces) both being sovereign.v the central (national) rules override the state rules v has a balance between them. IE the US v shared between national and local levels. In a federal form of government, the term "federal" is also used to refer to the national level of government. Unitary government v there is no hierarchy of sovereign powers. v states have no authority to pass their own laws, and the central (national) govt can order the states to do anything -- just like a state can order a town to do anything, because the town is not sovereign. v is the federal government has a huge percentage of the power. IE Japan