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A Totalitarian government is not a single base form of government, it is an administrative type of government that requires a base form of government to exist. You can have a, Totalitarian: Dictatorship, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, etc. but you cannot have a 'free form totalitarian' government as it has no base existence.

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The dictatorship decides what will be done or not.

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Q: In a unitary and totalitarian system who makes the laws?
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Like the federal system of government the unitary system of government allows one body to make all laws for the entire nation?


How re laws made in totalitarian?

One person rules, makes/changes the laws, and does what he wants. There are no elections or voting by the people.

Unlike the government system in the United states what type of system of government allows one body to make all laws for the entire nation?


What type of government is like totalitarianism?

Communist and fascist governments are considered to be totalitarian ( exhibiting Supreme control over one's populace) under the standard definition dictatorships can also be included. Also any government not by nature totalitarian can still be said to be totalitarian due to oppression and bending the governmental laws to a totalitarian like system.

A system that makes and enforces laws?


In which form of government do the people give their consent to be presided over to the central government which controls the local government?

A Unitary government is the type of government where the people give their consent to be persuaded over by the central government. In this type of government they can also control the local government.

What is the basic characteristic of a unitary government?

In a unitary government system, the central government holds most, if not all, of the power. Local or regional governments derive authority from the central government and can be created, abolished, or reorganized by it. This system promotes uniform laws and policies across the entire country.

What are totalitarian regimes?

Totalitarian regime is a form of government in which the nation's government has total control over the people. The citizens have no rights to vote/elect for officials or new governmental laws.

The system in a country that keeps order makes laws and controls the citizens is?

the answer for your question is a bylaw

The role of the judiciary in the creation of the national state?

The role of the judiciary system in the creation of the nation are to enforce laws. The judiciary system enforces the laws that the legislative branch of government makes.

Who makes the law for Maryland state?

The Maryland state legislature makes the laws for Maryland. The governor of Maryland has veto power. The Maryland state court system can interpret and strike down the laws.

Unitary advantages and disadvantages?

A unitary government is centralized. This means that all power resides with one agency. There are uniform laws and greater unity. However, the people in the central government loses touch with local people and their concerns.