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All of them. There are no poor members of Congress.

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Q: In addition to Trump and family what members of Congress benefited significantly from the new tax bill?
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In addition to serving as lawmakers members of Congress are also?

Besides just making the laws, the members of Congress are given special duties based on the house they are a member of. Both houses have special duties when it comes to impeachment.

How many congress members make up the law?

It is called a Quorum It isn't only not making laws, if the minimum number of members is not present, congress cannot even talk about passing a bill. (Most history books call this "doing business")

What restrictions are placed on members of congress?

Restrictions that are placed on members of Congress include not being able to pass no ex-post facto laws. In addition, Congress cannot suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.

How many minorities are in congress?

Congress has a total of 433 members. There is currently, a total of 78 members of Congress that are minorities.

How many members of congress owned slaves?

how many members of congress owned slaves how many members of congress owned slaves

What did most congress members do for a living?

Most members of congress are lawyers.

Who has control of congress?

members of congress

Who are members of the congress?

The members of Congress are Representatives (in the House of Representatives) and Senators (in the Senate).

What jobs are held by members of congress?

They're members of Congress.. that's their job.

Why do members of Congress pass pork and earmarks?

because they help members of Congress get reelected

What types of elections are regulated by the constitution?

the election of members of congress

What is the total number of members in congress?

there are 100 members in senate and 435 members in the house of representatives so there are 535 total members in congress :]