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Magistrates make administrative hearing decisions.

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Q: In an administrative hearing decisions are made by an judicial officer called what?
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Officer is the head of the executive branch?

The President is the head of the executive branch. The Chief Justice is the head of the judicial branch and the Speaker of the House is the head of the legislative branch.

Why is the president decribed as the chief executive of the nation?

One of the most important duties of the president is to serve as the chief executive or chief administrative officer of all government agencies. As such he is the chief executive of the nation.

Who is the presiding officer of the judicial branch?

The Supreme Court of the United States, as an institution, is head of the Judicial Branch of the Federal government. The Chief Justice of the United States (sometimes called Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court) is the head of the Judicial Branch. John G. Roberts, Jr. has been Chief Justice since 2005.

What are the duties o the suprime court?

General Duties of the Supreme CourtLeads the Judicial branch of the Federal governmentInterprets the ConstitutionInterprets lawEvaluates constitutionality of challenged lawsSettles disputes between the statesHears cases involving the constitution and federal laws on appealDuties of the Chief JusticeHeads US Supreme CourtHeads Federal JudiciaryHeads Judicial Conference of the US (the administrative body of the federal judiciary)Appoints federal judges to US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (per 50 USC § 1803)Appoints members of Judicial Panel on Multi-District LitigationActs as Chancellor of the Smithsonian InstituteSits on Board of National Gallery of Art and Hirshorn MuseumSupervises acquisition of books for Library of Congress Law LibraryAppoints Director of Administrative Office, which coordinates federal court administrationActs as official spokesman for the Judicial branchWrites annual report to Congress on the state of the federal court systemPresides over the Senate trial of Presidential impeachment, or impeachment of a Vice-President when acting PresidentSets agenda for Supreme Court conferences and meetingsAdministers the Presidential Oath of Office (by tradition, not law)Assigns writing of opinions, if a member of majority decisionReviews emergency petitions, motions and applications for the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Fourth Circuit, and Federal CircuitChief administrative officer of the CourtDuties of All JusticesReads briefs, case law, legal literature, statutes and precedents for each case before the CourtParticipates in conferences and meetings regarding petitions for writ of certiorari, case decisions, etc.Votes on petitions and decisionsWrites and/or edits opinionsHires and supervises law clerksAssigns legal research to clerks and other staff membersListens to oral argumentsReviews emergency petitions, motions and applications for assigned Circuit CourtAnswers certificates (this practice is all but extinct; the last certificate granted was in 1982)

Whats the chief officer's name of the judicial branch?

Well im not sure when you exactly asked this quistion, But right now is 2010 almost 2011 and obama is our comander in cheif. See commander in chief is our president and he leads the executive branch. Sorry if i got here to late:/ Hope i helped :)

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Which step in the pretrial activities does a judicial officer determine whether a crime has been committed?

During the preliminary hearing, a judicial officer determines if a crime was committed. In the United States, the defendant has a right to be assisted by counsel.

Who makes decisions in a lower court?

The presiding judicial officer or the jury - depending on the type of trial being conducted.

What is the difference between administrative and administration officer?

The difference between administrative and administrative officer is the same. The administrative and administrative officer basically provides a number of services that are essential in the running of a given company.

What is the administrative officer of a township called?

The chief administrative officer of a township is a Trustee.

What is an assistant chief administrative officer?

An assistant chief administrative officer provides overall leadership for planning, development, and management of the organization. This person also provides researched guidance to the chief administrative officer and staff.

Can a judicial officer issue executive orders?

An overlap exists between the authority of judges and executives. In Georgia a judge issued a death warrant. In Florida the Governor signs death warrants ordering inmates be put to death. Court orders have been issued reversing executive decisions. Judges have taken over administration of school systems, or at least overall direction. Lately in the United States, the Supreme Court has cut back on the ability of judges to make administrative decisions themselves. Instead, the judges are reviewing administrative decisions to make sure they are in line with the decisions of the legislature and the constitution. Still, a judge is in charge of his courtroom. He or she has all necessary authority in that location.

Difference between Assistant Administrative Officer and Administrative Assistant?

an admin officer is like a personnel and logistics officer in one while the admin assistant is more of a secretary.

Do Life Insurance Corporation administrative officer is gazetted officer?


What is fullform of vao?

Village Administrative Officer

Who works as a Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary of the Panchayat Samiti?

The Block Development Officer works as a Chief Administrative Office and Secretary of the Panchayat Samiti.

Who is the administrative head of panchayat-samiti?

The Block Development Officer is the administrative head of Panchayat Samiti.

What is the difference between an Administrative Officer and Administrative Manager?

An Officer is a person who has authority to bind the corporation. A manager is simply an employee who has supervisory authority over some employees and may or may not be an officer of the corporation.