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I'm not sure if this is right but i was reading my text book,

book: Texas edition, Magruder's AMERICAN GOVERNMENT

[Chapter 12 Sec. 3, pg 337-338]

-Scheduling Floor Debate:

Before it goes to the floor for consideration, a bill reported by a standing committee is placed on one of several calendars. A calendar is a schedule of the order in which bills will be taken up on the floor.



The Rules Committee plays a critical role in the legislative process of the House. It must grant a rule before most bills can in fact reach the floor. That is, before most measures can be taken from a calendar, the Rules Committee must approve that step and set a time for its appearance on the floor.

Most likely, i Think the answer is Rules Committee

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Q: In congress screening bills for floor consideration is a major duty of?
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True or False. In congress screening bills for floor consideration is a major duty of committee members.?


Which committee is considered to be a screening committee in the House?

The Committee on Rules in the House of Representatives is considered to be a screening committee. This committee reviews and proposes rules for the consideration of legislation on the House floor. It has the power to determine which bills come to the floor for debate and has a significant influence on the legislative process.

What are the groups in the congress that study and debate bills before they go to a floor vote?

The groups in Congress that study and debate bills before they to to a floor vote are called committees.

When can all members of congress vote on a bill?

the senate or house committees move it to floor consideration

Why do bills go to committee first?

For starters, it thins the herd. If Congress had to consider each and every bill brought before them on the floor, their work would be so bummed down that they couldn't get anything done. By referring them to committees, the committees can consider multiple bills at one time (because there are multiple committees). Also, they can take the bogus, retarded bills and shelve them, so that they don't unnecessarily bog down the entire Congress. Basically, a committee decides if a bill is WORTHY of consideration by Congress as a whole.

What is the synonym for floor consideration?

"Floor consideration" can be considered synonymous with "debate" or "discussion on the floor."

What are the rules of proceedings?

The House Rules Committee examines all bills sent to them by the fiscal and policy committees. It's the Rules Committee's job to determine if the bill should be sent to the House floor for consideration , and if so, the order it should be scheduled in.

How can congress pass bills with out saying a word?

Congress can pass bills without saying a word through a process called unanimous consent. In unanimous consent, a bill is brought to the floor and if no member of Congress objects, the bill can be passed without a formal vote or debate. This method is usually used for non-controversial bills that have widespread support.

How many bills can the house have on the floor at one time?

Dont put bills on the floor, whats wrong with you? Pay them or the IRS will be after you!

The floor leader of the party that controls Congress is called the?

The Majority Leader is the floor leader of the party that controls Congress. There is one for each house of Congress.

Why are standing committees so important to congress?

Both the House and the Senate depend upon committees to effectively consider the bills that are proposed each session. A Senator or Representative would be unable to read and handle all the bills that are introduced or studied in the course of a session. The committee system serves several functions. It allows members of Congress to divide their work among smaller groups. Lawmakers can become specialists in specific fields. Committees select those bills that deserve further consideration. By holding hearings, committees can investigate and help the public learn about the problems facing the nation.

How does congress deal with a large number of bills introduced?

They divide up into committees based on the topics of most of the bills they deal with. Each bill goes to the committee that deals with the topic of the bill, and the committee refines or reworks the wording and content of the bill before it goes to the floor for debate.