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China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam. This is known as communism.

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China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam. This is known as communism.

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Q: In countries where business are government owned?
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What do you call countries in which businesses are owned by the government?


A country in which some business are owned by individuals and other business are owned by the government has a?

(For Apex Learning) Mixed economy.

Is the postal service going out of business?

Obviously not, they are owned by the Government

Who put the funding into stagecoach?

As stagecoach is a government owned business, it is that government that fund all of their resources.

What is a government owned and operated business called?

Government Corporations

What is a word meaning all land and business are owned by government?


What does minority business mean to the US government?

Any business NOT owned by US-native born Caucasians.

Is hair dresser is owned by government?

Hair dressers' shops are normally privately owned businesses, however in comunist countries all businesses belong to the government.

Is FedEx a federal company?

No, FedEx is not a government company, it is a publicly owned business.

What is meant by private enterprises?

A private enterprise is a business run for-profit and not owned by a government.

Are small business and private business the same?

Any business, large or small, that is not owned by the government is by definition a private business, or a part of what is known as private enterprise.

What are the prospects of women-owned business?

You can find information on government programs that help women entreprenaurs with their business at the link below: