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Q: In medieval society which entity had the power to own land collect taxes and punish criminals?
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What entity is the foundation of society?

A family.

Can a disenfranchised non-profit corp in Texas continue to collect dues from the land owners?

If an entity has been "disenfranchised" (which I take to mean it is no longer recognized as a legal entity authorized to do business in the State of Texas), then it cannot collect dues in the State of Texas.

What is an entity designed to form people into productive members of society?


What was Independent judiciary in medieval Europe?

Independent judiciary was a fledgling idea in Medieval Europe. ?æWith the establishment of Habeas Corpus and the Magna Carta, the foundation was established for courts to be a separate entity.

Can you collect unemployment if you are a minor?

No, you are considered to be included in, and supported by, your parents or guardians families, and not a separate self-supporting entity.

What 3 questions does society have to answer?

Society is a phenomenon emergent from a group of living beings and not a conscious entity. It is therefore meaningless to speculate what questions society has to answer because it is not capable of answering them.

Is there an entity trading as Chelsea building society bank plc UK?

There is a Chelsea Building Society but it isn't a bank and it isn't a PLC. Beware of this one!

Can a landlord collect rent on bankrupt home when he has not been making payments to bank?

That would be a matter that's between the landlord and the lender or bankruptcy trustee, not the tenant. As long as the landlord has control of the property he still has the right to collect rent and evict you if the rent isn't paid. If the property is taken over by a new entity, that entity becomes your landlord and they will give you further instructions.

Is society a concrete noun?

Yes, society is a concrete noun because it refers to a tangible entity that can be experienced through its physical manifestations, such as buildings, institutions, and people interacting in a physical space.

Is state allowed to tax?

The state is a government entity and all of them have to be allowed to tax in some method to collect income in order to be able to function otherwise it could not exist.

What is a benefit corporation?

A benefit corporation is a kind of corporate entity which seeks to have a positive impact on society and environment in addition to making profit.

What is Cooperative Credit Society?

A cooperative credit society is a legal entity that brings together people with similar needs. The main function of these societies is to help members financially through savings and credit facilities.