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party primaries

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Q: In most states committee members chosen by?
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What are pros and cons of committee system?

Some advantages of the committee system include: Congress does not focus on one issue and the committee system allows for a deeper look at each of the bills that are proposed before they are sent to either the full attendance of the House of Representatives or the Senate. One disadvantage of the system, however, is the leader of the committee is chosen by seniority, not knowledge of the issue.

Senators who consider issues related to farming are most likely to be members of a subcommittee of which standing committee?

Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

At what stage do most bills die at in the legislative process?

Most bills die in the "committee" portion of the legislative process.

Majority party member with the most seniority?

Committee Chairman

What is a select committee?

1. A select committee is a committee consisting of 15 main members from different parties. It's job is to keep the Government in check and to monitor their many departments. A select committee can monitor Government, ensuring they are held accountable for their actions. It can also embarrass the Government by scrutinizing them, often via reports which suggest appropriate changes that should be taken and the Government must consider this advice. 2. They are panels set up for some specific purpose and, most often, for a limited time. The Speaker of the House or the president of the senate appoints the members of theses special committees, with the advice of the majority and minority leaders. Most select committes are formed to investigate a current matter.

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In most states how are the heads of most executive agencies chosen?

In most states how are the heads of most executive agencies chosen?

What congressional group is most likely described in the passage?

The house rules committee. APEX

Who are the current members of the Medicare oversight committee in Congress?

The current members of the Medicare oversight committee in Congress can vary depending on the specific committee being referred to. In the House of Representatives, the main committee with oversight of Medicare is the Committee on Energy and Commerce, while in the Senate, the Committee on Finance deals with Medicare. The members of these committees change with each congressional session, so it is best to consult the official congressional websites or other reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on current committee members.

Who usually receives the most important congressional committee assignments?

loyal party members and long time members

What is the most powerful committees in the house of representatives?

The most powerful committee in the United States House of Representatives is The House Rules Committee

Which congressional positions are occupied by the member of the majority party with the most seniority?

Committee chairs in both houses are majority party members and seniority is used to determine which committees members get to choose first concerning committee appointments. The most influential committees are chaired by the senior members of their party.

How are committee chair persons chosen?

The answer depends on the constitution of the organisation. The chair may be appointed, may be elected in an open vote or by secret ballot of some or all members. There mat be a minimum number (quorum) required.

How are members of Congress and the Senate chosen for their office-?

Members of the Senate are voted into office by voters in their respective states. Members of the House of Representatives are elected by voters in their district in their home state. They do not have to live in their district, but most do. Senators serve six-year terns, while representatives serve two-year terms.

How is the john newbery meadal chosen?

The John Newbery Medal is chosen by a committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association. The committee members read and evaluate eligible books, then vote on the most distinguished contribution to children's literature. The winner is announced at the ALA Youth Media Awards.

System that gives most desirable committee assignments to members of congress who have served the longest?

Seniroity and/or Patronage.

How is prime minister of Japan is chosen?

The Prime Minister of Japan is chosen by the Diet. These members in turn are elected by the population of Japan. The Prime Minister is generally the leader of the party with the most elected members in the Legislature.

How are the leaders of the two parties in congress chosen?

Members vote at a party caucus before Congress organizes