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It is Hear Hear (originated from members telling others to 'Hear' what the speaker was saying)

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Q: In parliament do they say hear hear or here here?
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How do you spell the saying 'here here' or is it 'hear hear?

The correct spelling is "hear hear." It is an expression used to show agreement or approval with what someone has said, particularly in a formal setting like a parliament or meeting.

Use the homophones in one scentence here hear?

Do you want to sit here so you can hear the television better? Did you hear that the president will be here tomorrow? I didn't hear her say that we should wait here. I could hear wolves howling when I was here last night. He didn't hear the alarm clock ring even though he was sleeping right here. Unless you hear differently, we'll meet here again next week. When you hear me calling, come here right away.

How do you use here and hear in a sentence?

An example using "here": "Please come here and join us for dinner." An example using "hear": "I can hear the rain falling outside my window."

What is a homophone for hear?

Here is a homophone for hear.

Is it proper to say here here when making a toast?

The correct term is "Hear, hear", and it's usage is fine in modern times. However, it is in response to something you agree with. John: "Let's hope for a more prosperous new year!" Chris: "Hear, hear!" (clink)

What is the homonyms of hear?

the homonym for hear is here.

What is the homophone for hear?

The homophone for "hear" is "here."

What is the homonym for hear?

The homonym for hear is here.

What is the difference between hear and here?

"Hear" refers to something that is perceived by the ear. Such as Did you hear that noise? Do you need a hearing aid? If I hear you say that one more time I'm going to... "Here" refers to a place or at some point or to present something. Such as Here you go. I told you the cookies are right over here. My friend here is single. Here once stood the Twin Towers. This is a stupid question

When was Here to Hear created?

Here to Hear was created in 1989.

What are three homophones for hear?

Here, hear, and hare are three homophones for hear.

What is the origin of the saying here here?

It originates from the Old English times, when near-deaf people roamed the lands. Usually, they would try to stay in cabins. However, they were hated by the commoners. So, when they asked to stay in the cabins, the people owning the cabins would say, 'Here?!' . But since they were deaf, they had to say it twice. Eventually, it turned into 'Here Here'. Hahaha! Very funny! Of course, the expression is, in fact "hear, hear!" not "here, here". And it's a contraction of "hear him! hear him!" as shouted in the House of Commons by way of indicating agreement or even instead of applause, which is not allowed in that establishment.