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Q: In the 1860's Most of the people of british north America lived in towns and cities True Or False?
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What are some products people would sell in the 1860s in America?

I think that they would sell coats to the women and children.

How many cities are in PEI during the 1860s's?

Mohammed ali rules all

What major new transportation in the 1860s made it easier to ship goods from the west to the eastern cities?

Answer: Railroads.

How did the Heliograph originate?

A German professor invented in in 1821. The British Army Signal Corp used it in the 1860s.

What once sacred Chinese dog was war booty after the British looted the Imperial Palace in Beijing in the 1860s?


Most of the utopian communities in pre-1860s America held something as one of their founding ideals. what was it?


How many people died on the Oregon trail from the 1840s to the 1860s?


What technological advances were there in the 1860s?

There were many different technological advances in the 1860s. The submarine was invented, the first transatlantic telegraph cable was created between Europe and America, dynamite was invented, and the modern periodic table was developed.

What did the US American sports people play in the 1860s?

The US American sports people played in the 1860s were rather limited. Some of them included golf, boxing, cricket, baseball and rowing among others.

Americans generally enjoyed better working conditions than the British in 1830s to 1860s because?

workers were in short supply

Is the radio invented in 1860s?

Yes it was invented in the 1860s

Are the 1860s in the 18th century?

No, the 1860s are in the 19th century.