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Q: In the Declaration of Independence in the statements dealing with the principles of government there is a list of what?
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What important statements are in the declaration of independence?

People have the right to rebel against an unjust government.

Which of these statements about the Declaration of Independence is not true?

The Declaration of Independence was issued the day after the RevolutionaryWar began. A+

In the statements dealing with the principles of government there is a list of what?


How do the ideas in the Declaration of Independence affect your life?

The Declaration of Independence was a justification of the right of the colonists to revolt from what they had considered to be their rightful government. There was a list of specific grievances against the English king and some general statements about the rights of man. The declaration no longer has any legal status, but has great historical significance in the forming of the current United States. Of much greater effect on the lives of Americans today is the United States Constitution which was written and ratified by the same people who signed the Declaration of Independence and which is based on the same general philosophy of government. So, you might say the ideas in the Declaration of Independence are responsible for the good aspects of the current US government and for the freedoms that Americans enjoy .

How is the Texas Declaration of Independence similar to the us Declaration of Independence?

One way in which the Texas Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Declaration of Independence mirror each other is that they both contain a set of grievances. Another similarity is that they both contain statements on the nature of government.

What contribution did the secong congress make during the American revolution?

The second Continental Congress specified some of the grievances of the colonists and called for formation of a new government by issuing the declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776 and the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson containing three important statements about the American nation with check and balance that power was equated between the three parts of the government...

What three things did the Declaration of Independence do?

The Declaration of Independence made three basic statements. That all men had certain rights that were given them by their Creator. That any government that abrogated those rights was tyrannical and should be rebelled against. That being the case, the American Colonies were declaring their Independence from Great Britain, and would fight to secure that Independence if necessary.

How does the Declaration of Independence compare or contrast with Locke's statements above?

It argues that the revolution was caused by the many abuses of King George III.

Does the declaration of independence hold paradox statements?

This is homework or a test question and Wiki won't help you cheat. So, you need to get to work and answer the question.

Thomas Jefferson based the unalienable rights on?

The statements made in the beginning of the Declaration of Independence are from the philosophy of John Locke. His philosophy was revolutionary because people had no rights for anything. Only kings had rights.

What did Thomas jeferson do that related to the declaration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson was asked to draft (write) the declaration of independance. He added in statements such as all men are created equal that at the time created a large amount of contreversy. He also was one of the signers of the final draft of the declaration of independance that is currently in the national archives.

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