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beaause they can get the water from the lakes

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A water source is vital to life. And it also provides a means of transportation.

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yes they were but why

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Q: In the early days of your country many towns were built near the ocean or along rivers why?
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Why did people in early day of our country were many towns built nere oceans or rivers Explain why?

The reason why many towns in the early days of the country were built near oceans or rivers was so they could get supplies. Supplies came by water way and living close to water meant getting supplies were easier.

Why did early cities have to be built next to rivers?

So they could have a water source.

Where did many early Virginia cities develope?

Fall Line!! = )

Why were many American towns built near the ocean or along rivers in the early days?

So they could have easy acces to fishing, and a water source to clean there clothes ;-]I hope this helped :D

Great early American civilizations built large cities where?

Many of the most successful great early American civilizations built large cities along water. Typically these cities were built along the Atlantic Ocean.

The castles in wales were built mainly by?

The early castles along the English -Welsh border were built by the Normans to protect their newly acquired country. 300 years later more castles were built by Edward I as part of his efforts to conquer Wales.

Where is the largest mansion in New York state?

I am going to guess it would be along the Hudson River where all the castles were built in the early 1900's by the riches people in the country.

What Early victories along the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers earned general grant what nickname?

Unconditional Surrender

Why did early settlement's first develop along the river?

Early settlements developed along rivers because they provided essential resources such as water for drinking, irrigation for agriculture, transportation, and access to fish and other sources of food. Rivers also facilitated communication and trade between communities, making them ideal locations for early human settlements.

Why did early settlement first develop a long rivers?

Ease of traveling and shipping along with a supply of running water.

Why were early factories built near rivers?

Because they provided water power to run the machinery and a place to dump their waste

How were rivers and ports important to the people in the united states in the early 1800's?

Rivers and ports were important in the early 1800's in the distribution and acquisition of food processing, printing and manufactured goods. Ports and rivers helped in the maintaining of a country's economy.