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Q: In the election of 1912 the candidate considered least pleasing to reformers was?
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What was sherman's plan for the federal constitution?

Sherman's plan is referring to a plan created by Roger Sherman, a plan otherwise known as the Great Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise. In colonial times, when states were debating whether representation in the houses should be based on representation (as voted on by the big states) or equally, one vote per state (as voted on by the small states). The Great Compromise called up for a plan with two Legislative Houses, one with representation based on population (thus pleasing the larger states) and the other with representation with one member per state (pleasing the smaller states). :)

What is color consciousness?

Conscious of color and having a good color sense as to what colors go together that most people find pleasing. Considering color in your environment, dress and other areas. You could bereferring to someone sensitive to colors as a consistent trait or characteristic of their personality, their personal view and emphasis.

What are five purposes of art?

Ceremonial -made for a ritual or celebration -to be using in worship ceremonies -to honor someone, some event or some thingNarrative -to document events -to tell a story (illustration) -to communicate or to explain somethingArtistic Expression -to express emotions, ideas or feelings (self expression) -to explore new art styles and techniques -to decorate or to beautifyFunctional -made to be used, as well as visually pleasing -used in everyday life (pottery, quilts, baskets, architecture)Persuasive -to persuade you to buy a product (advertisements) -to persuade you to do something

How can you become a member of a political party?

1. It helps to have no skeletons in your closet, or if you do, they are well hidden or easily explained. 2. If you are not of a wealthy and connected family, you will typically start at the local level. 3. If you are a moderately prosperous citizen, you may present yourself to one of the local parties as a viable candidate for them to back. Participating in previous campaigns of their's will have helped establish your commitment to their goals. 4. If you are a "regular joe", or if you just wish to avoid political parties, you may find a local "hot button issue" that those in power are not sufficiently dealing with. You would then attract a group of like minded people who can assist you in your campaign. 5. You should learn to manage the press for free publicity. If you are backed by a party, they will help you with this. If you are not backed, you may do flamboyant things to attract attention. 6. You should raise as much funds as possible for campaigning, as whoever has the biggest advertising budget has a greater chance of winning. The party backing you may assist, but even then, you need to approach the "movers and shakers" who have money, and convince them that you would be of assistance to them if you won. 7. You should avoid specifically slandering your opponent/s, but should make sure that supporters of your's do so. 8. Having won, you should always be an honest politician, which for practical purposes means that if you are bought, stay bought. The support of the monied classes has historically paid off better than the support of the masses. 9. If you do well enough pleasing your backers, your party and even the people in general, you can start to climb up. From local councilman or alderman, you could go on to Mayor, or if possible, skip that and move to state representative. From there you would be looking to a Cabinet appointment from the governor, or lieutenant governorship. At some point past that, if all goes well, governorship or becoming a representative or senator for your state at the national level would be next. After being a governor or congressman, one would seek a national cabinet appointment or vice presidency, or if possible, go straight to the Presidency. 10. The higher up you go, the more you will have to be known to be reliable to those who matter. This means in part that you keep your reputation well, that you do not renege on implied promises to your financial backers, you handle the press well, and don't embarass the party with displays of disloyalty or public improprieties. A party is all but essential past the local level. At the state level, you may get away with being of a third party, but for the nationals you should be with the Republicans or Democrats.

What points did George Washington make in his Farewell Address?

1). Stay neutral - avoid foreign entanglements. (Europe was his immediate concern here)2). Good governments are based on religion and morals3). Political parties are dangerous and divisive. He insisted upon the importance of unity and the dangers of sectionalism. He stated the importance of the Constitution, warned of the threat of political factions and the danger of constitutional amendments designed to weaken the central government .

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