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Q: In the late 1500s a man named Deganawida advised the five northern Iroquois nations to form independent governments is that true or false?
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Where do iroquois live today?

the Iroquois live on reservations in northern new york state.

What did a group of colonist meet in Albany in June 1754?

Delegates from most of the northern colonies, as well as representatives from the Iroquois tribes met in Albany in June 1754. They met to establish a "Plan of the Union" and develop peace between the governments.

How were Iroquois and algonquians similar?

They were both located in Northern North America.

Did the Iroquois live in the southern part or the northern part of America?

northern and I know because I learned it in the 2 grade

Where was Hiawatha raised?

Hiawatha lived with his family in a village. Once his family had died, he left the village and lived in the forest because he felt lonely. That's when Deganawida (DEE-GON-UH-WEEDA), a Huron explorer, had found him and together they made peace between the tribes; Cayuga, Oneida, Seneca, Mohawk, and Onondaga, otherwise known as "COSMO", and made The Iroquois Confederacy.

What is the newest independent country in northern africa?

south sudan independent in 2011Eritrea

Which governments did Northern and Western Europe get influencedby?

Democratic socialism

Who was governments in northern and western Europe were influenced by?

Democratic Socialism

Is the Hopi a neighbor of the Iroquois tribe?

Not geographically, the Hopi are located in the American Southwest, New Mexico area, and the Iroquois are in the Northeast. However, there does seem to be a relationship between them. One belief is that the Iroquois originated in the southwest and migrated east and northward. There are some similarities between Iroquois cultures and the Hopi and I've heard elders refer to the Hopi as their relatives. Also it is not the 'Iroquois tribe.' Iroquois is mostly a language group divided between Northern Iroquois and Southern Iroqouis: Northern Iroquois consisting of the well known Haudenosaunee (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Tuscarora) among many other nations in Pennsylvania and Canada along Lake Ontario and the Southern Iroqouis consisting of the Cherokee and other nations.

What is Iceland known for?

it is known for a northern independent country

A minority group in Northern Iraq that has expressed its desire for an independent state is?

They are the Kurds in northern Iraq.

Does Northern Ireland have an independent monetary policy from England?