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Probably the most important reason is the cost of labor. American laborers earn much more than workers in Third World countries so goods manufactured there can be made cheaper and sold to us cheaper. Another contributing factor is the improvement in communication and transportation. Goods from outside the US can often get to US markers as fast as goods made here.

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Q: In the past the US manufactured most of the products used by Americans now many of these are imported from other countries what is one reason for this change?
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Why did southerners oppose the tariff of 1828?

The tariff was a tax on imported manufactured goods. This raised the price of imported products and made it easier for US manufacturers to compete. Very few of these manufacturers were in the South, so all the tariff did for southerners was to raise their cost of living by making them pay higher prices for the things they needed. The tariff was in essence a tax on them to subsidize northern industry.

What products are produced in North Carolina?

North Carolina has an abundance of products produced in the state. Although off-shore and the economic boom in foreign countries have decreased the amount of products manufactured, the state produces large amounts of furniture, textile, tobacco, and nursery stock.

Southern planters objected to the tariff because it?

The southern states were opposed to the tariff of 1828 because it raised prices on imported goods, which the southern states could not produce on their own, and it hurt trade with England, which the southern states depended upon. The southern states blamed the tariff for favoring the northern industrial economy over southern agriculture.

What can american do to influence the ecnonmic goals of the nation?

Americans can shop and buy products made in America to influence the economic goals of the country.

What caused Americans to start producing their own goods instead of purchasing from foreign countries?

In 1620 when the colonies began shipping took months and the people in the colonies had a lot of natural resources to use. It was easier to make and produce products locally than to ship items. Also the British government controlled products shipped in/out the colonies and what could be bought or sold to whom. They wanted to make sure enemies of the British government didn't get money and goods from British colonies.

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