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Q: In the series of paragraph beginning he hasrefused his assent to whom does the word he refer?
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What were the townshed acts?

The Townshend Acts were a series of acts passed, beginning in 1767, by the Parliament of Great Britain relating to the British colonies in North America.

Who was the accurate series of presidential ascension in the philippines?

who was the accurate series of presidential ascension in the philippines

Was the one dollar silver certificate 1935f signed by Henry Morgenthau Jr also really printed in 1950?

Actually it was much later than that - 1935F bills were issued from 1957 to 1961. See the listings below. The 1935 series was one of the longest-issued bill designs. At that time the practice was to change a series date only when a new design was issued. At that time the BEP was opposed to changing designs, so the same series year was used for 3 decades. Today a new series is introduced every time a new Secretary of the Treasury takes office. Series 1935 and 1935A issued between Jan 1935 and Jul 1945 Series 1935 B issued between Jul 1945 and Jul 1946 Series 1935 C issued between Jul 1946 and May 1949 Series 1935 D issued between Jun 1949 and Jan 1953 Series 1935 E issued between Jan 1953 and Jul 1957 Series 1935 F issued between Jul 1957 and Jan 1961 along with Series 1957 Series 1935 G issued between Jan 1961 and Apr 1962 along with Series 1957 A Series 1935 H issued between Jan 1963 and Mar 1965 along with Series 1957 B

Did they make a 1958 Fifty Dollar bill?

The 1950 series was printed with that same date into the early 1960s. A new series began in 1963.

What was a telograph?

It was the predeccsor to the telephone, a message was created by using a series of taps.

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In the declaration a series of paragraphs begin he has refused his assent who is he?

man in general

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