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FDR's New Deal created higher taxes on the rich and the Social Security System, making the Federal government stronger.

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Q: In what ways did the new system of government fulfill the nation's need for a stronger central government and at the same time allay its fear of a government having too much power?
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Is the confederacy system a state or National government?

During the US Civil War period the Confederate States of America was just that - basically an alliance of states with a weak central government. But there are also confederacies of nations as well such as what occurred with the former Soviet Union.

What was the nations first true a central bank?

The nation's first true central bank was The Federal Reserve.

Why is it important to have different branches of government?

In the US and in many other nations, separate branches of a central government delegate and separate powers within a central government to avoid having one sector of a central government gain too much power. The model for this can be said to be the federal government that follows the rules set forth by the US Constitution. The judicial, executive and legislative branches have separate duties and form a balance of power between them. There has been a tendency, however, that seems to indicate the executive branch has been accumulating far too much power.

Why did the confederation government not survive the decade of post-war adjustments after the revolution?

The Confederation government did not survive the decade of post-war adjustments after the Revolution mainly because it was weak and unable to effectively govern the newly formed United States. It lacked the power to enforce laws, raise revenue, and regulate commerce, leading to economic instability and internal conflicts among the states. The experience of a weak central government under the Articles of Confederation ultimately convinced many Americans of the need for a stronger federal government, which led to the drafting of the Constitution.

Subdivision of government are called all but a provinces b states c republics d nations?


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Define Confederate System?

A Confederate System is a system of government that nations or states agree to join together under a central government, to which the nations or states grant certain powers.

Definition off central government in Guyana?

Guyana is a republic within the commonwealth of nations. It has a democratically elected government -president, vice president and national assembly.

In a system of government sovereign nations through a constitutional compact create a central government but carefully limit its authority and do not give it the power to regulate the con?


Why would Americans who have just ended a centralized form government see a need for a stronger central government?

The Americans had just recently gained and earned their independence from Great Britain. In that moment, it was crucial for the United States to make decisions on how their country was going to function. In Great Britain, one man ruled over all the civilians This grew complicated for the Americans because one man (who could use his power for selfish or ignorant uses) was not caring about the problems the US had. By making a stronger central government, they are enforcing that the government will act for the nations needs, whether they be for defense international relationships, national affairs, etc.

How do land claims in the west cause problems for the new nations?

In 1776, the Continental Congress appointed acommittee to create a plan for a central government.

Why did nations form alliance with other nations?

Nations formed alliance with other nations to become stronger either by contributing lots of nations together and to attack other nations.

Policy under which stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations?


What are nations of Central America?

Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, and Belize are nations of Central America.

What are the Other 3 nations of Central America?

Three nations that are considered part of Central America are Belize, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Who believed that nations were stronger if they had cultural diversity?

Alice Walker

What nations have limited government?

Most nations have limited government. Those that do not are absolute monarchies and dictatorships.

What is the government in central america and the caribbean?

The Bahamas; Jamaica; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Haiti; and the various island nations in the Lesser Antilles, including St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia. Puerto Rico is also in the Caribbean, but it is a territory of the U.S.