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The Constitution is congruent with the Declaration of Independence in serving as the body and letter to which the Declaration is the thought and the spirit. Both documents were based on the same political and societal principles in denying absolute authority for government.

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Q: In what ways is the Constitution congruent with the Declaration?
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List two ways the constitution addressed Grievance in the declaration of independence?

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What documents form the basis of the military' professional ideals?

the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

What came first the declaration of independents or the constitution?

The Declaration of Independence, in 1776; then the Constitution, becoming effective in 1789

What is a similarity of the Constitution and the declaration of independence?

The Declaration declares that the colonies are independent from the king. The constitution is the framework of government.

What documents in American politics are influenced by John Locke?

the constitution and declaration of independence

Was George Washington on the declaration of independence or the constitution?


What was the constitution a Declaration of Independence?

The U.S. Constitution was written to run the country, not to declare independence. The Declaration of Independence was for that.

What was signed first constitution or declaration of independence?

Declaration of Independence was signed July 4th 1776 ( this is why we have 4th of July) Constitution 1789

In what ways did the Constitution realize and in what way did it go against or adjust the ideals of the Declaration and American Revolution of 1776?

they fought it over

What was first written frame of government that became the forerunner of state constitution and us constitution?

The Declaration of Independence

What came first the Declaration of Independence or the singing of the constitution?

the declaration of independence

Why is reading the Declaration of Independence before reading the US Constitution useful?

The declaration of Independence is part of the historical context of the U.S. Constitution.