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The Know-Nothing party was also referred to as the American party. This party originated in 1849 and it collapsed in 1855.

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The Know Nothing Party or technically the American Party was formed in 1845 and went on to 1860.

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Q: In what year was the know nothing political party established?
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Small political party that was anti-immigration?

Know nothing party

What was the nickname of the political party that called for stricter laws?

the Know-Nothing party

What political party did not nominate a candidate for the election of 1860?

The Know Nothing party

What was the nickname of the political party that called for stricter citizenship laws?

the Know-Nothing party

What was the position of the Know-Nothing party?

The Know-Nothing party was an extremely anti-immigration political party. They came about as a response to the influx of immigrants from Ireland during the irish potato famine in 1845.

A new political party organized as a protest against the kansas nebraska act?

The Free-Soil Party

What was the definition of the know-nothing party?

it was a political party to keep power out of th hands of the roman catholics and immagrents

Political party formed in the 1850s and called for stricter citizenship and immigration laws?

The American Party, nicknamed "The Know-Nothing Party"

What political party did the nativists found in the 1850s?

James Barker formed the American or the "Know-Nothing" party in the 1850's. They didn't want foreigners to become citizens or be able to hold office.

The know-nothing's organized to form the?

American Party in the mid-19th century. It was a political party that supported nativism and opposed immigration, particularly from Catholic countries. The party's members were sworn to secrecy, claiming to "know nothing" when asked about their organization.

Why did the Republican Party break from the Whigs?

They didn't, exactly. The Whig Party evolved from the National Republican Party (a splinter of the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans established around 1824), then split into the Free Soil and Know-Nothing Parties in the 1840s. The new Republican Party was established around 1854, and consisted largely of former Whig, Free Soil and Know-Nothing Party members.

Know-Nothing Party?

Secret Nativist political party that opposed Immigration during the 1840's and early 1850's. Officially called the American Party