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UK: In 1918 women over 30 got the vote. In 1928 they got voting equality with men.

US: Women got the vote in 1869 in Wyoming Territory in the USA followed by Colorado(1893), Utah (1896), Idaho (1896), Washington (1910), California (1911), Arizona (1912), Kansas (1912), Oregon (1912), Illinois (1913), Nevada (1914) and Montana (1914).

In 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment gave most women the right to vote.

Rest of World:

1893 - New Zealand is the first country to give women the vote.

1902 - Australia , although aboriginal women were not eligible to vote until 1967, when along with aboriginal men, they were granted full citizenship.

1906 - Finland is the first country in Europe to give women the vote.

1917 - Russia

1918 - United Kingdom (partial), Germany, Canada, Austria.

1920 - The USA, but not Native American women.

1925 - Italy

1928 - United Kingdom (full), Ireland

1930 - South Africa , but only to white women. Indian and 'coloured' women won the vote in 1984 and black women in 1994.

1931 - Spain

1932 - Brazil

1944 - France

1945 - Italy

1946 - Kenya, Palestine,

1947 - China, Pakistan,

1948 - Israel, Iraq,

1950 - India

1952 - Greece

1953 - Mexico

1956 - Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritius

1957 - Malaysia

1962 - Algeria

1971 - Switzerland

1974 - Jordan

1976 - Portugal

2001 - Bahrain

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You will need to state which country you are referring to.

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August 18 1920

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Q: In what year were women granted equal voting rights to men?
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What date were women granted voting rights in the US?


Which state became the first to grant women full voting rights in 1890?

The state of Wyoming granted women voting rights in 1890. Several other states, such as Oregon and Colorado, had granted voting rights to women before the 19th Amendment.

Why are the voting rights for men and women not equal in Israel?

Wrong. The voting rights in Israel are the same for men and women.

Did women have equal voting rights as men in1912?

No..after 2...3. year later women hv voting rights

Do women have equal rights in voting in UK?


who gulf country has granted voting rights to women recently?

Soudi Arabia

Which amendment would have given equal rights to women?

19th gave voting rights.

What was the effect in the US of expanding voting rights?

When voting rights were extended to citizens who previously did not have voting rights, there was more pluralism in the US. When the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920, the votes granted to women expanded the numbers of people voting in the US.

What ideas and practices did the seneca falls convention promote?

It promoted equal rights for women and men. Equal voting rights, equality, etc.

Why did more women join the national American suffrage association after the organization did what?

succeeded in winning voting rights for women

Were there women prisoners in the French Revolution?

Yes, on that point the French Revolution granted equal rights to women.

When were women granted voting rights in the UK?

Women aged 30+ who rented or owned property were granted the right to vote in 1918. This was changed in 1928 to make men and women equal, abolishing the property requirement and dropping the age to 21. (now 18).