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Elves and Fairies were very popular and widely believed in during the Middle Ages, between the 5th and 15th Century.

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Q: In which century did people believe in Fairies and elves?
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Do fairies love elves?

elf do like fairies and are always best friends.

Does Middle-earth have Fairies?

No, but it has dwarves hobbits and elves.

Are Pixies Male or Female?

Pixies can be male or female. And contrary to what most believe, they are different from fairies, sprites and elves. Each have their own qualities.

How believe in alien?

Everybody's life has some events in it which simply cannot be explained. We are not omniscient, so some things will happen that we have no way of understanding. In the past when something inexplicable happened people would say it was the work of the fairies, or the goblins, or the kobolds, or the elves. These days people are wiser: they no longer believe in elves, brownies, or leprechauns. So they say that these things are caused by aliens.

What is an online avatar world with fairies and elves?

Muddle Earth

In folklore who is the king of the elves and fairies?

Oberon is a powerful fairy king in folklore, often associated with the realm of elves and fairies. He is a prominent figure in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

All about fairies?

there is allot of things about fairies but this is what i know from a book called Fairies and Elves. fairies don't really have wings they fly without wings or some don't even fly at all.

Where can you find the presents for the elves?

You can't. Most people believe that elves are mythical creatures, therefor impossible to give a gift to

Where did the history of elves begin?

read the Artemis Fowls series. it has fairies. not what you think though

What can one buy in the Mark Roberts Fairies online store?

There are a huge selection of items to purchase from the Mark Roberts Fairies online store. There are models of fairies and elves, Santas, bear rugs, angels and nativity scenes.

What are the elves doiong?

Elves don't do anything because they don't exist. People might tell you they do, they don't. Never tell anyone you believe in elves because they will probably think that you are either crazy or just a major freak. Elves do not exist.

Are elves real what year were elves invented?

elves are not real and where made up In Anglo Saxon England as early as the 10th century.