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Portugal. The Queen in Question was Inez De Castro ( no relation to Fidel) it happened in I believe l357- her body ( intact largely) was exhumed- some cosmetic work done ( of course) and she was dressed in her royal robes and all were compelled and invited to kiss the hand of the dead queen. after this morbid ceremony- she was, of course re-buried. Mortuary enthronements of deceased Queens were quite common at one time and this was common in the Orient, where upright arrangements and even coffins ( there are different types) are common. In Western civilizations, of course, the Crown was removed to a museum or armory ( like the Tower of London) before the Queen was actually buried. often at the viewing or Lying in state- the Crown was placed on a pillow - not actually worn by the deceased. there were various customs for different countries- akin to customs involving memorials for Knights and warriors. ( where comes the old Custer- and Mansfield- angle- (died with their boots on) a mortuary statue of a knight was shown with the boots on- if he died in actual combat- and had not time to kick them off! If he died in the equivalent of a field hospital, maybe the boots would not be shown. the medieval morbid imagination was quite fascinating, in some countries , deceased people were buried with seasonably-appropriate apparel- as in Russia, If Catherine died in the wintr- she may have been buried in her Tiger-fur robs, which do exist in a Western collector- wonder where she got "em.

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Q: In which country was a woman crowned queen after she was dead?
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