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The Senate.

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The Senate

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Q: In which house of Congress does each of the 50 states have equal representation?
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Which house of congress is base on equal representation?

The Senate is the house of Congress that is based on equal representation. The House of Representatives is numbered based on the population of the state but the Senate has equal representation for even states with a lower population.

What house of Congress has it representation based on the states poplulation?

The House of Representatives.

How did the Great Compromise create a legislature with representation which respected the population of large states and safe guarded and equalized the small states?

It proposed a bicameral legislative branch. The upper house, the senate, would have two representatives from each state. This satisfied the small states' plea for equal representation in Congress. The lower house, The House of Representatives, would please the large states in the way that state representation in the House was based off population. Larger states had more representation in the House, but representation was equal in the senate.

How did small states want to base representation in Congress?

Small states wanted representation in Congress to be equal for all states regardless of their size or population, because they felt each state was an equal partner in the new nation and feared that they would be outvoted in Congress by larger states if representation were based on population alone. The legislature would consist of two house : a House of Representatives, with membership based based on state population, and a Senate, with each state receiving two members. This agreement became known as the Connecticut Compromise.

Does the new constitution say that all states have equal power in congress?

I have no idea what "new constitution" you're talking about. Do you mean "new in 1787?" If so, then no, no it did not. It said they would have equal representation in the upper house, and proportionate representation in the lower house.

What is the conflict between large states and small states?

how did did the American revilotion start

The Great Compromise settled which key issue at the Constitutional Convention?

The Great Compromise settled the dispute of state representation in the U.S. Congress. It was decided that representation in the U.S. House of Representatives would be proportional to population, while representation in the U.S. Senate would be equal among all states.

What did small states want at the constitutional convention?

The smaller states followed the "Connecticut Plan" which, as opposed to the larger states' preference, the "Virginia Plan," made plans for a unicameral body in which all states had equal representation - today known as the Senate. The Virginia Plan, on the other hand, was favored by the larger states because it stated that larger populations would equal greater representation in Congress - today known as the House of Representatives.

How did the great compromise solve the problem of the representation in congress?

It solved the problem of representation in congress because the house of representatives was based on proportional representation (# of representatives based on population) which made the larger states happy and the Senate was based on equal representation (each state got two representatives) which made the small states happy. So each state was represented.

How did the great compromise resolved representation issues in the legislature?

The Great Compromise settled the method of representation in the legislativebranch (the US Congress). Small states wanted equal representation(equality by state), and large states wanted representationbased on population (equality by vote). ... In the House of Representatives, representation was based on population.

The house of congress at which representation is based on congress?

There are two parts of Congress: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Representation in the Senate is independent of population; therefore all states get the same amount of representation (2 Senators per state). Representation in the House of Representatives is dependent on population, which means that there is a different amount of representatives representing each state.

Representation in congress based on population was mostly like by which kind of states?

The House of Representatives.