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Q: Increased government regulations can cause the supply curve to?
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Which development would most likely cause the supply of a product to decrease?

Government regulations increase the cost of making the product APEX 😁

Cause and effects government regulation have?

Government regulations can effect pricing and control monopolies. In Canada the government regulations on alcohol allow them to raise the prices and limit its sale to a single government run controlled store.

When any effort by government cause the supply of a good to rise what happens to the supply curve for that good?

It shifts to the right.

When any effort by government cause the supply of a good to rise what happens to supply curve for that good?

It shifts to the right.

What happens when the government increases the money supply?

There several things that happen when the government increases the money supply. This may cause inflation as there will be more money in the market than goods.

How does Reagonomics relate to today?

Reaganomics, or the more proper name, Supply Side Economics as described by Robert Mundell for his 1999 Nobel Prize award in for Economics, does indeed relate today. While is not simple there is a simplistic way to look at it. The government role is to raise or lower taxes and raise or lower interest rates in combination that will either stimulate or dampen economic growth in conjunction with the business cycle. The main factors of the business cycle are the cost of resources and the costs of manufacturing a product or providing a service. Economics abides by one rule, the rule of supply and demand. A description of the business cycle can begin anywhere in the cycle and experience the same results. This description will limit it to tangible goods and start with decreasing unemployment. Increasing employment increases demand. Increased demand requires an increase of supply. An increase in supply requires more employment. Until Supply is less than demand. Shortages occur and prices rise. Rising prices cause a decrease in the demand. Decreased demand requires decrease in supply. Decreased supply requires a decrease in employment. Decreased employment cause a decrease in demand. Decrease in demand cause excessive supply. Excessive supply requires decreased employment. Decreased employment causes less demand. Until Demand is less than supply. Overages occur and prices fall. Falling prices cause increases in demand. Increasing demand requires increased supply. Increased supply requires increased employment. Increase in employment increases demand. I hope you have the gist of it by now. If the economy is growing too rapidly causing inflation to rise to rapidly the government can increase taxes or raise interest rates to check the growth. If the economy is slowing, the government can lower taxes or interest rates to stimulate growth in the economy. This is the essence of supply side economics. The thermostat in your home is not instantaneous and neither is the application of correction by the government. Personally, I would prefer the government stay within the confines of the Constitution where they belong.

What are the influences of supply?

Things that cause changes in supply are also called influences of supply. Some of these influences on supply are: cost of inputs, productivity, technology, taxes, subsidises, government regulation, numbers of sellers, war, and other political conflict.

How the increased blood supply to the penis during an erection does not cause the penis to keep swelling and swelling until it bursts?

by use of viogra or some related medicines

How would lack of product affect supply and demand?

A lack of product (a.k.a. a shortage) would primarily cause an increase in the price of the good or service. An increased price means more supply, but it also means less demand.

What are she six factors that cause a change in supply and explain them?

what are the six that cause a change in supply

Does a price ceiling cause wasted resources?

yes, because when government impose price ceiling, the supply will decrease,but demand will increase, it will cause shortage, so it causes wasted resources.

Why can increased ozone cause problems on earth?

Increased ground level ozone can cause problems. It is a pollutant.