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kkk kool kids klub......we have the awnsers


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A city-state is an independent area having its own government and rulers.

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Q: Independent areas that had their own government and rulers were called?
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Independent areas that their own government and rulers were called?

city-states kkk kool kids klub......we have the awnsers Noob

When multiple levels of government have independent ruling authority over certain policy areas this is called?

stop cheating

What are areas that share important characteristics called?

population, territory, sovereignty, and government

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Federalism was the framers compromise between independent state s with little connecting them and?


What were areas of land called that the US government wanted to place Native American tribes on?

Colonies or reservations

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What made it easy for rulers to control large areas of land in ancient china?

the creation of a feudal system

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What was slaves called when they escaped?

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Who is the member of parliament in Scotland?

Do you mean who is the LEADER of the Scottish Parliament? This is currently Alex Salmond, who heads a Scottish National Party government. He is known as the 'First Minister' rather than the 'Prime Minister', because Scotland is not an independent nation and remains subservient to the UK Government in some areas.