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Q: Interstate commerce is trade conducted between?
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What do we call trade between two or more states?

I would call it interstate commerce.

What is the term used to describe trade within one state?

The term used to describe trade within one state is domestic trade. This is also known as local trade as it only happens within the borders of the state.

Trade among states was known as?

interstate commerce

Trade among the states was known as?

interstate commerce

Who has the power to regulate interstate trade?

The Constitution vested Congress with the authority to regulate trade with other nations, between the states, and with Native American Tribes in the Interstate Commerce Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3).

What two things did the Interstate Commerce Act do?

The Interstate Commerce Act made it easier to trade between states. This was due to having no tariffs among them. This was groundbreaking because everything was taxed originally at 4 percent.

Which branch of government regulates foreign trade and interstate commerce?

The Legislative Branch has the power to regulate foreign trade and interstate commerce, as stated in the US Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3.

What government regulates commerce within the states?

State government regulates commerce within the states (intrastate commerce), provided the goods and services are used entirely within the state.The Legislative branch (Congress) regulates commerce between the states (interstate commerce), international trade, and trade with Native American nations.

What set limits on congress's powers concerning interstate and foreign trade?

Commerce and Slave-Trade Compromise

Which country would be known as interstate commerce in accordance to the United States Mexico or Canada?

interstate commerce happens between the states of the same country:For the United States one example would be trade between California and Texas.For Canada it would be commerce between Alberta and Quebec.For Mexico it would be between Veracruz and Sonora.Commerce between any of these countries (i.e.: California to Quebec or Texas to Veracruz) is known as international commerce.

What is the word for trading among states?

Trade among the states is known as interstate commerce.

Is an exclusive power of the national government?

Regulation of interstate trade is an exclusive power of the national government. This resulted in the Interstate Commerce Act.