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No. It's in South America.

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Q: Is Argentina a European country
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Which is an European country- Algeria Austria or Argentina?

Austria is a European country.Austria is a European country.

Which is a European country- Austria or Argentina?


What European country conquered Argentina?


Which European country occupied the country?

Spain, Brazil, England, and Argentina

What country is the most European country of South America?

Argentina, except for his economy.

Which is a European country Algeria Austria or Argentina?

Only Austria.

Which is a European country - austria Algeria Argentina?

Austria is in Europe. Algeria is in Africa. Argentina is in South America.

The Falkland islands belong to wich european country?

They are claimed by Argentina.

What is Argentina mainly known for?

most european country in south america...

Why is Argentina population mostly of European descent?

Because of European inmigration... In Argentina the majority of the population is of European descent (descendants of Italians, Spaniards, Germans) but actual inmigration to the country is from the rest of Latin America. Actual inmigrants who go to Argentina are not Whites so the non White population is growing in the country due to no inmigration restriction.

What European country had a territory confrontation with Argentina over the Falklands?

The United Kingdom in 1982.

What European country originally colonized both Venezuela and Argentina?

Well from what I know I believe it was Spain who originally colonized both Argentina and Venezuela.