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yes why not Belgium is a developed country.The mirror of Belgium is famous in other countries.

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Q: Is Belgium a developed country
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What are some jobs in Belgium?

Brewer, monk, etc... And the same jobs as every other developed country.

Where was the Belgium horse developed?

I'm guessing Belgium . . .

What country has the capital as Belgium?

Belgium is a country in Europe. The capital of Belgium is Brussels.

Which continent is the country Belgium located?

The country Belgium is located in Western Europe.

When france defeated austria it aquired the country of?

When France defeated Austria it acquired country of Belgium.

What county is Belgium in?

Country, you mean. Belgium IS a country. It's near France.

Is Belgium a Dutch town?

No, Belgium is a country.

What conitinent is in Belgium?

Belgium is a country in Europe.

Is Belgium in England?

No. Belgium is its own country.

Where is the F2000 developed in?

The F2000 assault rifle was developed in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal.

Belgium is in which continent?

Belgium is in Europe.

What is the captle of Belgium?

The capital of the country of Belgium is Brussels.