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Horace Mann was a Massachusetts lawyer and social reformer. That was his real name.

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Q: Is Horace Mann his real name?
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What was horace mann's middle name?

Horace Mann's middle name was "Mann."

What was Horace Mann's brother's name?

Stephen Mann

Who was the leader of the common-school movement?

Horace Mann.

What is Julian Bond's first name?

Horace. After his father, Horace Mann Bond.

What is Horace Mann's birthday?

Horace Mann was born on May 4, 1796.

When was Horace Mann Jr. born?

Horace Mann Jr. was born in 1844.

Was Horace mann born?

Horace Mann was born on May 4, 1796.

When was Horace Mann School created?

Horace Mann School was created in 1887.

What has the author Horace Mann written?

Horace Mann has written: 'The world destroyer'

What year did Horace Mann die?

Horace Mann died on August 2, 1859.

What was nickname given to horace mann?

Horace Mann is known as "The Father of the Common School"

Who was the leader of education reforms who lengthened the school year to six months?

Horrace Mann