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no they are not blues singers yes 6 still living

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Q: Is Jimmy Reed children still living Are they blues singers?
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How did the blues brothers die in the end?

If you mean the movie, they didn't die in either movie.

Who influenced john paul Jones?

if you're talking about the bass player of Led Zeppelin, he was was influenced by American blues musicians

Who is josh dugdale?

Joshua Dugdale was born in Birmingham in 1974. He studied economics at Manchester University attaining a 2:1. Following Manchester, he quickly established a career in documentaries, travelling across the world, making films on drug barons, gangsters, police forces and revolutionaries. His 2002 film for the BBC, 'LAPD Blues' won some of the highest ratings of that year for any documentary. Following 'LAPD Blues', he made a three year biopic of the Dalai Lama which has won plaudits around the world for his gentle portrayal of the Tibetan spiritual leader. Some critics believe that it is one of the rare films that has the potential of making real change within China's Tibet policy, whilst others have criticised it for not having enough mainstream appeal to be a commercial success.

What did slaves do in their spare time?

In the Victorian times and in other years they played games in secret in their spare time. slaves in the slave trade triangle had 2hour spare time from 12miday to 2pm in the afternoon and also played songs called the blues normally containing a story or how sad they feel. Some times the owner liked their song and asked them to preform and then treated them if they did it good but punnished them if it went wrong but the slaves did other things too.

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When was King of the Delta Blues Singers created?

King of the Delta Blues Singers was created in 1936-11.

When was Greatest of the Delta Blues Singers created?

Greatest of the Delta Blues Singers was created on 1964-12-16.

When was Jimmy Johnson - blues guitarist - born?

Jimmy Johnson - blues guitarist - was born in 1928.

Do blues singers sing about their feelings?


Who are some famous Chicago Blues singers?

There are many famous Chicago Blues singers. The list of these singers includes Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, Freddie King, and Luther Allison.

Who were the singers in the blues?

Rita Chiarelli is Canada's Blue's Goddess-Check her out!

When was Living the Blues created?

Living the Blues was created on 1968-11-01.

What part does singers play in blues music?

The singer delivers the message lyrically using a melody built upon the blues scale.

What type of music is wavin' flag?

Blues, and if you what to know the singers follow this link.

What instruments do blues singers use?

Guitar, piano and harmonica are the mainstays of blues music singers. Like any genre, there are artists who carve out a niche for themselves using instruments that are unorthodox for the genre. Papa John Creach for example, has made very good use of his violin in blues music.

Are thera any black country singers from Louisiana?

yes there are many or some black singers from Louisiana like people who play blues, and jazz

Name a blues singers whose last name begins with an e?

Ella Fitzgerald