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Supreme court justices are not affiliated with any party. So if you want to find out if he is good or bad look im up and read his bio.

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Q: Is Justice Robert T Benton of the Florida Supreme Court a democrat or republican?
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Is Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles T. Wells Republican or Democrat?

democrat, i think

Is Florida Supreme Court Justice Ricky L. Polston Democrat or Republican?

is he pro life.

Is Florida supreme court justice Charles T Canady a republican or democrat?

A republic according to Wikipedia.

Is Justice James Perry a republican or democrat?

Technically, he's not affiliated with either party but he does hold a significant number of left leaning viewpoints. He was appointed to the Circuit court by Lawton Chiles (Democrat) and then to the Florida Supreme Court by Charlie Crist (Republican), a decision which many conservatives opposed.

Is Florida Supreme Court Justice James EC Perry a Republican?

According to Project Vote Smart, Justice James E.C. Perry has no party affiliation.

Is Justice Ricky L Polston of the Supreme Court of Florida a Republican or Democrat?

The short answer is that Supreme Court Justices, like all judges, hold a non-partisan office. However, to answer the question as it was likely intended, that is, about his ideology, it is arguably mixed. While he has shown, in some high profile cases, a bit of a conservative slant, most of his rulings show careful consideration of the case at hand without respect to partisan or political issues.

Is Justice John Paul Stevens a Republican or Democrat?

The Justices are supposed to be non-partisan and typically don't discuss their party affiliations; however, Stevens was a Republican when appointed.President Gerald Ford nominated Justice Stevens to the US Supreme Court in 1975. At the time of his appointment, Justice Stevens was considered moderately conservative; however, his views have become more progressive during his tenure on the Court.

Who is the chief Justice of the Supreme court in Florida?

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Is Supreme Court justice angel a Cortinas democrat?

what political party does Angel A Cortinas belong to

What political party is Samuel A Alito Jr?

Justice Samuel Alito is an ultraconservative commonly associated with the Republican Party. Supreme Court justices are discouraged from political partisanship; however, Alito's Supreme Court votes are reliably in line with core Republican values.

Is David Souter a Republican or Democrat?

President George H. W. Bush appointed retired Justice David Souter to the US Supreme Court in 1990, assuming he was a conservative. Justice Souter turned out to be more liberal than expected, but many of his friends are conservative politicians. His party affiliation is undisclosed.

Is Florida Supreme Court Justice James E Perry conservative?