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Q: Is Nordic Europe underdeveloped
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Is Nordic Europe considered underdeveloped?

No, Nordic Europe is not considered underdeveloped. Countries in this region, such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, are highly developed with high standards of living, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. They consistently rank well in various global development indices.

When was How Europe Underdeveloped Africa created?

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa was created in 1972.

What part of Europe do the nordic coiuntries lie?

The Nordic countries are in Northern Europe.

When was MTV Europe Music Award for Best Nordic Act created?

MTV Europe Music Award for Best Nordic Act was created in 1999.

Where in Europe did lutefisk come from?

Lutefisk is a Nordic dish originating from the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark).

Is Nordic Europe developed?

Yes, very much so.

What part of the world is denmark located in?

Nordic region of Europe.

What country in Nordic Europe is associated with the Nobel Prizes?

Norway and Sweden.

Where is the Nordic region located?

relating to the some islands like iceland not just any island __________________ The Nordic countries are countries in Northern Europe, yet not all countries in Northern Europe are Nordic. The Nordic countries are; Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. (Then of course Åland, Faroe Islands and Greenland are Nordic countries because Faroe Islands and Greenland are apart of Denmark and Åland is apart of Finland.)

What continent is Finland on?

Europe and more closely Northern Europe along with other Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.

Is Denmark a country in Northern Europe?

Yes, Denmark, along with the rest of the Nordic countries, is located in Northern Europe.

Do you capitalize nordic in a sentence?

Yes,Nordic should be capitalized because it is a proper nou n. It is the name of the Germa nic peoples of norther n Europe.