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Robert E Lee believed slavery was wrong but still fought for the south because he had to fight for his home, the south.

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Q: Is Robert E.Lee against slavery
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Why is Robert ELee important?

He was a general.

Why was Robert ELee famous?

He is famous for being in the war.

What was Robert elee's accomplishments?

when he met Abraham Lincoln

What role did Robert Elee play in the civil war?

general of the south

How old was Robert ELee before he attended the civil war?


When was Robert Elee born?

He was born in 1807 on a plantation on the banks of the Potomac River.

Why did Robert E. Lee support the War against slavery?

He did not!

Where did Robert yates stand on slavery?

He was against it. He followed the ways of Benjamin Franklin, who was against it.

Where did Robert ELee go to school at?

Did you ever heard of "Google". Yeah their search bar helps ALOT. \:

What was one of the reasons general Robert elee invaded Maryland in 1862?

To bring this divided state into the Confederacy.

Every tone against slavery and a Drayer to god for deliverance from chains?

Robert E. Lee

What does Abraham Lincoln have in common with Robert E Lee and Frederick Douglass?

All were against slavery