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Which state? Washington County Utah is reportedly named after an LDS apostle.

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Q: Is Washington County named after George Washington?
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What did George Washington do to get this county named after him?

the country isn't named by him!?

Who was the Washington monument named after?

It was named after George Washington. It was named after George Washington.

Where was George Washington's birthplace?

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. More specifically, George Washington was born on the family estate, named Wakefield, near Pope's Creek, in Westmoreland County, in the colony of Virginia, in British America.

What was the county and colony in which George Washington was born?

George Washington was born in Fairfax County, Virgina.

Who named George Washington ''George''?

George Washinton's mother and father named him George.

Was the Washington monument named after George Washington?

Yes, the monument was named after George Washington, the first president.

Which US states are named after presidents?

Washington is the only state to be named after a president and is named for George Washington.( He is also honored by the town of George, Washington , population 501.)

Is George Washington Elementary school named after George Washington?


Was George Washington college named after George Washington specifically?


When was George Washington university named after George Washington?

No! George Washington university was named after the Krusty Krab and its Octopi and Chocolate Ice cream dinner! :D

What named after George Washington?

Washington state

Who is the capitol of Washington named after?

George Washington