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York is a city in the county of Yorkshire, in England.

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Q: Is Yorkshire the same place as york?
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Where does Yorkshire weather come from?

The same place all weather comes from. The sky!

What region is york in?

York is in Yorkshire and Humberside. :)

Town or counties in UK starting with y?

York, and the counties of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

What is the address of the Churchill Hotel York?

The address for the Churchill Hotel, York happens to be 65 Bootham, York, North Yorkshire, YO30, 7DQ, in the United Kingdom. That is a nice place to go.

How high is York in Yorkshire above sea level?

York in Yorkshire is approximately 13 meters above sea level.

Is Yorkshire dales a city?

No, the Yorkshire Dales is and area of countryside, York is a city.

Are Yorkshire puddings actually from Yorkshire?

It is said that Yorkshire Puddings were first made in York, Yorkshire, England. There are some other counties that dispute this, though.

Which County is York England in?


Is there a county york in England?

York is a city. Yorkshire is a county.

Is York a city in Scotland?

York No, York is the County Town of Yorkshire, in England.

What county is york in?

It depends on which York you are referring to. In England York is in the county of Yorkshire

Where is York County in Ontario?

There is no York County, you might be thinking of the County of Yorkshire. Yorkshire itself is massive, and is located up north covering York, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Hull, Doncaster, and natural areas such as the Yorkshire Moors, Wolds and Dales. Yorkshire is divided into South Yorkshire (Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham), West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Huddesfield), the East Riding of Yorkshire (Hull and Beverley) and North Yorkshire (York and anywhere north of there). South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire are fragmented into city council districts.